Rental kimono Sakura

Rental kimono Sakura
areaTokyo/23 wards
Campaign / announcementAn equivalent page SNS in the shop (FB, Instagram, etc.) described as "I love Kimono in SAKURA.", The discount applies if you can show you a screen that you share!

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Features of business

Sky Tree rickshaw is stop by always is, is a 0-minute walk from the most beautiful look commemorative photo spot in Asakusa. Only shop in Asakusa's from the roof of the building can commemorative photo to hog the Sky Tree! Good access from the station, of course, you go immediately to tourist spots in Asakusa. Even if the binge is a shop that kimono is there are veteran dresser not Kikuzure.

Walk about 0 minutes until the shooting spot!

You can commemorative photo from our rooftop to hog the Sky Tree!
Not only the Asakusa, Tokyo of the new symbol "Tokyo Sky Tree". The Sky Tree is seen in the most beautiful in Asakusa, also commemorative photo spot rickshaw is stop by always it is before our eyes.
Once dressed in kimono or yukata you can as it is commemorative photo.

Can in a short period of time to go out from the dressing

Hair set from the dressing, can be reached in a short period of time of about 30 minutes with up to accessories and hair ornaments. In front of the Tokyo Sky Tree, because it is a popular location in Asakusa, you go out to immediately Asakusa stroll to the dressing.

Veteran staff is a corresponding!

Since the dressing and hair set has a veteran staff to support, you can transform into a smoothly kimono in a short period of time. Because there is veteran dresser, kimono does not Kikuzure.

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Address / MAP
Taito-ku, Tokyo Hanakawado 2-chome, 3-11 Inkabiru 5F
access Tokyo Metro Ginza Line: a 4-minute walk from Asakusa Station Exit 7
Tobu Sky Tree line / Nikko Line: a 4-minute walk from Asakusa Station
Toei Asakusa Line: a 4-minute walk from Asakusa Station A5 exit
business hours 9:30~17:00
Regular holiday None
credit card out of service
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