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Kyoto Kimono rental Rei is a shop that can kimono, yukata rental in Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto. Kiyomizu Temple and Yasaka Shrine, so the famous temples and shrines of Higashiyama, such as Chion is within walking distance, you can reach dressed in kimono in our shop. English and Chinese as well, so we have to support, please come by all means also visitors from overseas.

Kimono-yukata 100 points or more! Rental from per person 3000 yen OK

Rental kimono yukata is more than 100 points! And it can be rented kimono from per person 3,000 yen, staff will coordinate the suits of clothes to the customer. It is reasonable but we align the thing may be the sense and quality. Women, of course, there are men, even for children.

Tourism ♪ famous shrines and temples of Kyoto is within walking distance in kimono

Attire to become a traditional shrines and temples and streets of Japan is, after all it is a traditional kimono in Japan. Since the shop is a short walk from the famous temples and shrines, such as Yasaka Shrine and Kiyomizu Temple, you can go out dressed in kimono immediately. Not the Tour of the Kyoto kimono?

English and Chinese is also OK! Overseas customers are also welcome.

Our shop is also also supports Chinese English. Customers who visit from overseas are also welcome. Also If you guide your friends overseas to Kyoto, will be wearing a kimono by all means in our shop, we would appreciate your experience the goodness of traditional kimono in Japan.

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Address / MAP
Kyoto Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto Gionmachikitagawa 318 address the Soviet Union two Abil third floor
access - Hanshin Expressway No. 8 Kyoto line "Kamogawa west" from the entrance about 10 minutes
Parking available nearby ※

- 5-minute walk from Gion Shijo Station
business hours 9:00 〜 19:00
Regular holiday Irregular
credit card VISA · JCB · CUP
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