Shiretoko Nature Cruise

Sile Toco Nature Cruise
areaHokkaido/Abashiri, Kitami, Shiretoko

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Features of business

In the "Shiretoko Nature Cruise", professional guidance to the hands-cruise of the sea who knows the World Natural Heritage Shiretoko. Sightseeing boat ride to the "Evergreen", not just sightseeing purposes, it will take you on a journey of natural search.

Touching the majestic nature and life of the people

East coast, the Shiretoko Peninsula from the Rausu side, there are also different flavor to the west coast of the Shari side. Hoping the Northern Territories - Kunashiri, feel the magnificent nature in the body, further fishing and carried out in the wilderness, even the lives of people living in Rausu introduction. Including the captain who knows the sea of ​​Shiretoko in many years of fisherman experience, all staff have the sailors notebook, will guide you through our safe and comfortable. Why do not you go out to experience type of Shiretoko tourism?

Encounters with wild animals ecosystem of the sea and the land gives birth

Here Rausu offing, Nemuro Strait of Nature watching the best part is, the Shiretoko Peninsula to the west, the magnificent scenery of Kunashir Island to the east and,, encounters with wild animals and sea ice that can not be found elsewhere. Carry drift ice coming in winter is the plankton, gather fish in search of plankton, whales and dolphins come just for the fish. And the ecosystem of the sea ice floe is nurture, the mutual relationship between the land ecosystem that follows from the primitive, is the "life" of Shiretoko. Please by all means feel the sea of ​​real wilderness.

You know the beauty of the world natural heritage

Sperm whale, minke whale, a number of other whales, such as Baird's beaked whale, Dall's porpoise and shearwaters, sometimes that killer whales appear. Further period of drift ice, Steller's sea eagle, will also be the world's wintering grounds of the white-tailed sea eagle. Shiretoko Peninsula of the West because it is not possible to feed is filled with ice floe, we come to the low drift ice density Rausu side. Shiretoko is the reason that has been registered as a World Natural Heritage Site is, you will see I'm sure.

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Hokkaido menashi district Rausu Honcho 27-1
access Nemuro nakashibetsu airport about 1 hour and 30 minutes from
About 3 hours from Memanbetsu Airport
About 3 hours and 30 minutes from the minor Kushiro Airport
business hours 7:00~20:00
Regular holiday Irregular
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