Okinoshima diving service marine snow

Okino Shima diving service marine snow
areaChiba/Tateyama and South Boso

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Okinoshima diving service marine snow diving Chiba Prefecture Tateyama, Chiba! !
Located in Tateyama, Chiba Prefecture near from Tokyo, so we went in okinoshima of calm sea with a diving school (various diving license course) fan Diving experience Diving snorkeling the (snorkeling) in Tateyama, Chiba Please feel free to contact us even more and uneasy of diving began.

Peace of mind even for beginners! Diving / snorkeling experience plan

Happily, we offer a diving / snorkeling program that you can feel free to experience the world of water.

Close to the city center!

You can diving and snorkeling experience in okinoshima of calm waters in Tateyama, Chiba.

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Tateyama, Chiba swamp 985-5Looking at the GoogleMap
business hours 8 am to 19 pm
Regular holiday 7 days a week
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