Kyoto handmade Experience Hall Kyomizuan

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Features of business

"Kyoto Handmade Experience House Kyoyuan" is a specialty store of ice cream like Kyoto. In traditional Kyomachiya 's hall, you can experience handmade Japanese, such as full - fledged tea ceremony and old - fashioned items, such as Matcha or Kaleidoscope full of Japanese emotions. It is popular among guests of experiential learning, voluntary training and group events recommended for students traveling abroad. Because it is near the sightseeing spot Kiyomizudera of Kyoto, please drop in at Kyusui-an when you come to Kiyomizu-dera.

Taste Kyomachiya of tradition

Please experience the unique feeling of air of the "Kyomachiya" which is said to be cool even in the summer as you experience variously at the traditional Kyomachiya attracting many people.

Concern to the ice of the raw materials

Kei Matcha Ice Cream · Kyokushiku Hakkadobashi Ice Cream etc, We use the best material which is difficult to get in general, so the taste is different in the tattoo.

Near the Kiyomizudera Temple

As it is close to Kiyomizu-dera, a popular sightseeing spot in Kyoto, if you have an hour or so after sightseeing, you can feel free to experience it. Please stop by.

Kyoto Handmade Experience Hall Kyoyuan Gallery


Address / MAP
Kyoto-shi Higashiyama-ku, Shiraito-cho 569-10Looking at the GoogleMap
access Get off at Kyoto city bus Gojozaka bus stop, 3 minutes to climb Gojozaka
3 minutes from Kiyomizudera sightseeing bus parking lot
Please visit us with reference to the Kiyomizuderi direction from various guides.
business hours 9:00-17:00(営業時間外はご相談ください)
Regular holiday Non-scheduled holidays (scheduled for november till March - November)
credit card out of service