GRAT! S! SUP (Gratz Sapp)

Gratz Sapp

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In GRAT! S! SUP, offers a tour to ride the SUP to everyone. Wide large SUP board in the excellent stability of the width, you can stand to be easy to board a person of absolute beginner. There is also a shape-up effect, even among the super models and celebrities of overseas SUP in the big break, let's experience in fully on top of the enchanting sea of ​​Miyakojima!

Private SUP experience at our exclusive beach! It is! It is!

安心・安全 スタッフ全員が赤十字水難救助員
参加特典 GoPro写真プレゼント

Let's swim with sea turtle

Why do not you experience the excitement in the sea of ​​Miyakojima, which is one of the world's most transparent! Is it?
We can meet sea turtles with a high probability of 90%!
Snorkeling with sea turtle in the sea boasting outstanding transparency!
It is the highest score ♡

SUP is not just!

Pumpkin cave! ! You who I thought What! First shalt I went anyway! The mystery of the world is waiting for you ☆

GRAT! S! Gallery of SUP (Gratz Sapp)


Address / MAP
Miyakojima, Okinawa Prefecture Hirara Higashinakasone 679-1CLooking at the GoogleMap
business hours 8:00~22:00
credit card out of service
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