DivingShop likklemore (diving shop Li Como)

Diving shop Ricomo
areaKanagawa/Yokohama and Kawasaki
Campaign / announcement★ in implementing the activity Japan special price ★ BSAC Ocean Diver course at 19,800 yen! It is!

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A 5-minute walk from JR "Sakuragicho Station", opened in 2016, we have many diving plans that you can enjoy alone in the group! Those who are aiming for acquiring licenses from casual experience diving can also use it with confidence as the instructor with the guidance history of 10 years responds to customer's needs. Also, in the summer we ride horse riding on BBQ, skiing and snowboarding in winter, so we have various events for each season so many opportunities to get in touch with friends who got acquainted through diving! Why do not you make a diving debut in the sea of ​​Kanagawa this summer?

Tour destination abundant! Let's experience the dramatic sea world

The sea world where the scenery seen by the place is completely different. In Ricomo you can enjoy diving in various places, from a day trip to a special tour with accommodation. From diving spots near Kanto such as Jogashima, Ozezezaki, Izu Oshima, Hatsushima, Chiba Boso, until the special diving tour of Ishigakijima, Kumejima and sometimes Saipan in Okinawa! If you dive in the ocean you will surely experience the excitement of excitement that you feel "Earth is amazing!"

Some history and tradition "BSAC" merchant. Even beginners can enjoy safe!

Diving is a fascinating sport that you can experience the "sea of ​​the world on the ground that can not be seen in the absolute." On the other hand, also involves various risks. Rikomo the leadership organization "BSAC" that the world most prestigious merchant. For those who aim to license acquisition (C card), the veteran instructor continued support from the Department of training to wear the basic knowledge to practical marine training. So carefully can respond to the needs of our customers, we are as much as possible training in small groups.

"After Dive" is also rich! Diving in one day fun Rikomo

In Rikomo diving shop and BAR was the hotel, even after completion of the dive, you can enjoy noisily with everyone. Furthermore BBQ and fishing, hot springs, skiing, and snowboarding, since has held a variety of events each month, I'm sure good friends get used should be in each other towards the first meeting. Through diving, you can interact with a lot of fellow. Harmonious and Japan and the world, is also the charm of "after-dive" where you can enjoy while the story of the various diving and sea plenty!

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Kanagawa ken Yokohama-shi Naka-ku Noge-cho 2-chome 69 2FLooking at the GoogleMap
access JR Yokohama Line 5-minute walk from the "Sakuragi-cho Station"
business hours 11:00~20:00
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