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areaHokkaido/Otaru Kiroro-Shakotan

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Features of business

Why do not you explore the romance full of Otaru Sapporo skyline in kimono?
Our shop is a Otaru rental kimono shop. I will choose your favorite kimono, you can enjoy the tourism Otaru.
Since the everyday use of the kimono informal, dressing is about 10 minutes, you can enjoy a stroll casually dressed in a traditional kimono.
You accustomed to anyone Otaru beauty because the hair and makeup also hear a separate fee.

Offer a real kimono from silk to antiques

Such as silk kimono and antique kimono made in Showa from Taisho, it offers a real kimono stuck to the material. Please try to come and experience the texture and beauty not found in synthetic materials. Antique kimono has a rare shade it is difficult to put out in modern kimono. Deep color due to natural staining shine may be in your face of young customers. So you choose the look kimono staff together, you can dress beautifully Even if you do not have knowledge of the kimono.

Enjoy the emotion there Otaru Sapporo tourism in retro clothes

We wish you a favorite kimono in our shop, please enjoy the tourism Otaru and the dressing in about 10 minutes. The surrounding Otaru Canal and Otaru career before plaza, Otaru Music Box Hall, Otaru Station, such as Temiya Line site, you will see buildings and streets to feel the Taisho Roman. Historic buildings and scenery is also recommended as the shooting spot. Retro kimono is penetration in the historic scenery. The memories of the trip, please feel free to experience the kimono.

Plan to choose a rental time up to 1 hour to 1 night

A plan which can be chosen by the rental time offers. From 1 hour course is recommended for those who want to take a Crisp and photos in a particular tourist spot, 3 hour course for those who want to enjoy around a variety of attractions, perfect for who want to enjoy a thoroughly streets walks and shopping 1 there is also night plan. Since aligned all in rental rates up to accessories and geta, please come feel free to contact please empty-handed.

Maiden Kimono Gallery


Address / MAP
Otaru, Hokkaido rice 2-16-6Looking at the GoogleMap
access Arriving in ■ car
About 8 minutes from Sapporo motorway "Otaru IC"
※ Please use a nearby coin parking.

■ Arriving by train
About a 5-minute walk from JR Hakodate Line "Otaru Station"
business hours 10:00~17:00(完全予約制)
※ also responds to such as time outside of consultation early in the morning or at night.
Regular holiday Irregular
credit card out of service
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