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Samurai Produce
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Features of business

Samurai Produce is a company that produced the tourism content of Hokkaido. Focusing on activities, food and drink, we have made the development of tourism content in a variety of genres, such as accommodation. In particular, activity is well received, by a partner of the business of the region, unearthed a variety of activities, we have developed. From outdoor to indoor, so enjoy a variety of Activity, we will increase the further items in the future. Because you are full consideration to safety, are also features of many of them can enjoy from children to adults. Alone or friends and family, when you need to with colleagues Hokkaido, please use all means to making memories of the journey.

More of a Hokkaido, the more interesting activity!

Samurai Produce of activity, "Korezo Hokkaido", such as it can be said that, just the activities that you can enjoy the goodness of Hokkaido. By ingenuity, we aim to planning content was not so far. Hokkaido many times is very popular with customers who are visiting a tourist.

Activity development that bring a positive impact to the regional concept!

By that customers enjoy the sightseeing, we are conscious in building systems, such as the region is improved. Of course, to enhance customer satisfaction, profit of partner operators, and even more we try to create benefits for the local environment and residents, all the benefits of these three-way feature content.

Planning the activity also consideration to organizations like!

Also, such as your trip adult number of groups and corporate-like we plan the Activity in consideration. To noon of boat cruising is also available team building plan of up to about 100 people. In addition, with regard to tour operations, including such organizations diet and other activities, please feel free to contact us.

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Obihiro, Hokkaido Higashi 1 Jonan 16-chome, 11-2Looking at the GoogleMap
access By each activity depends on a set location. There is no thing where I am coming directly to the Company.
business hours 9:00~18:00
Regular holiday 7 days a week
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