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areaKanagawa/Shonan Kamakura

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Features of business

Grampus is a diving shop and school in Shonan-Enoshima. Little those who want to experience the dive, those who want to get the C card, those of divers blank had vacant, the future is up to those of the professional-oriented you want to working as instructors, will support while enjoying firmly.

Diving tour, Shonan, Izu, Miyakejima, Yoron, Kerama Islands, domestic dozens such as Yonaguni Island, and Bali, Lombok, Indonesia, such as Manado, Pohnpei, Yap, Micronesia, such as Saipan, such as Egypt direction, the world also it organizes diving tours to various places.

The immediate vicinity of the Enoshima! Convenience ◎! !

There are shops in the immediate vicinity of the tourist destination, Enoshima! Enoden, Shonan Monorail, 3 lines of Enoshima Station of the Odakyu line is so close by, easy access even from Tokyo!

Veteran of diving instructor resident!

In order for you to experience a safe and fun diving, veteran instructors will be in charge. Because it is the instructor who is also carried out training of instructors, to enjoy, even those who can not swim, has been holding the program in the content that suits every one guest.

Colorful diving program!

A variety of courses, such as experience diving refresh diving license acquisition and step-up instructor training has been held at all times! Besides, expedition tour to Okinawa and overseas! If you have a ♪ license there is also a program to swim with dolphins, who have, who wants to take from now on! There is a variety of programs so that the people of all enjoy!

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Address / MAP
Fujisawa, Kanagawa Prefecture Katase 4-17-5Looking at the GoogleMap
access "Enoden-Enoshima Station", "Shonan Monorail Shonan Enoshima Station", from "Odakyu line, Katase Enoshima Station"
Walking Grampus there is immediately.
About 1 hour from Tokyo Station, because from Yokohama Station for about 30 minutes, Tokyo, Saitama, also has been working actively Chiba diver.

If you come in Shonan, please try to stop by to hesitate. Parking is also available.
business hours 10:00-21:00
Regular holiday Every Tuesday
credit card out of service
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