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Beach Bum Diving Service
areaKanagawa/Yokosuka Zushi-Hayama Miura

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Features of business

"Beach Bum DIVE & SUP" offers diving and SUP (Stand Up Paddle Board) services at Mito Beach in the southern part of Miura Peninsula, Kanagawa Prefecture. Diving offers various plans ranging from experience diving to licensing courses, SUP from experiencing course to fitness and sunset enjoying course.

A secluded seaside resort

Sagami Bay shines brightly in front of you when you pass through the vegetable field spread all over from Route 134. The facility "Beach Bum DIVE & SUP" is surrounded by palm trees and has a hotel, restaurant and marina on the seaside. It is attractive as a hideaway mood to the extent that you think that you have strayed into the resort area for a moment.

Great diving field

Mito beach, characterized by temperate climate, is a perfect marine field where you can be satisfied with various people, from beginner to fan diver. Facilities are substantial, and the first person can dive in the sea after taking a class at the pool. Because experienced staff are always resident, whenever you visit, you can enjoy how to suit each purpose.

Popular SUP course also enriched!

From children to adults, SUP (Stand Up Paddle Board) which is rising in popularity now that anyone can enjoy it easily. It stands on a board slightly larger than the surfboard and can take a walk in Switzerland on the sea, a new sense of marine sports. We have plenty of plans to suit your taste, such as plan combining snorkeling and sunset viewing from the experience course, so feel free to experience it. I can experience it throughout the year, it is also recommended for diet.

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〒 238 - 112
Kanagawa Prefecture Miura Hatsusemachimito 931-2Looking at the GoogleMap
business hours Facility use time 8: 30 ~ 17: 30
Entry time 9: 00-16: 00 (final exit)
Regular holiday Monday (except public holidays, in the case of public holidays, closed on Tuesday the next day)
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