Pottery class Futaba Kamiitabashi

Tow Gay classroom Futaba Kami Itabashi
areaTokyo/23 wards

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Features of business

To anyone to produce a work of a simple hand beauty batter to enjoy casually. I will carefully guidance from the basic to how to make the design decisions. Rather than formal ones to say that ceramic art, please come with your friends to each other and family that you can enjoy with a sense of Doasobi. Tool, please join empty-handed since all such clay will be available here. After the firing We of course take-away, can be used as tableware. Why do not you spend a good time in with everyone.

Beginner also safe pottery class

In Tokyo Shigaraki and Mashiko, Bizen, to work of each locality can make, you can experience with confidence even for beginners. Since the guidance of professional instructors native Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music, you can also join small children.

Just a good location from the station in Tokyo!

There Tobu Tojo Line "Kamiitabashi" station to those of skill in the classroom, 6 Station from Ikebukuro Station, a 12-minute location of an ordinary train. Such as Shinjuku Nerima Ikebukuro, Asaka, Kawagoe, Narimasu Wako City, Tokiwadai, convenient access from Tokyo, Saitama!

Put in paulownia box, gift for someone special

Wedding gift and celebrations of goods, perfect for such a gift of Father's Day, Mother's Day. Tung box also will be provided. Of one in the world, why do not you gave a gift that has included of sincerity.

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Address / MAP
Itabashi-ku, Tokyo China and Taiwan 1-29-8-101Looking at the GoogleMap
access ■ In the case of car
That there is no parking lot, please use the nearby coin parking (20 minutes 100 yen).

■ In the case of the train
Tobu Tojo Line "Kamiitabashi Station" (every station stop station) 4 minute walk from the north exit
· "Ikebukuro Station" from the 6 train station (12 minutes by local train)

■ In the case of bus
International Kogyo bus "Kamiitabashi Station" bus stop, a 4-minute walk
Nerima Station departure → Heiwadai Station, Kasuga-cho → Kamiitabashi Train Station (Kamiida 01)
business hours Tuesday 10:00 to 21:00
Wednesday 10:00 to 21:00
Saturday 10:00 to 16:00
Sunday 10:00 to 16:00
Regular holiday Month, Thursday and Friday
credit card out of service
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