Pota cafe
areaTokyo/23 wards

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Features of business

In Koenji's cafe 'Potakafee.' You can enjoy not only cafe but also potery painting (pottery painting). Potari - Painting is the painting of pottery. Draw a picture with a paint specialized in pottery on a biscuit dish (bisque). And it is a full-fledged ceramic art that paints glaze and baked in a kiln. Pottery is made, there is also a gallery, and it is a shop where you can enjoy delicious meals. Please join us with your family and friends.

Enjoy underlaying!

Do you know underlining? I say the work of coloring with pottery which is once cooked and coarse pottery with watery paint. You can choose from 50 different colors, like a feeling of enjoying drawing on white paper! It is touching that the color of paint changes after baking! I'm looking forward to see how it will burn up.

How to use 10 people!

Try a cup of your lover or parents together, or draw a message-filled plate for presents to your friends. Or, to celebrate your child's bills and foot plates ... It is fun to enjoy the original pottery.

Access good!

This cafe is a JR Chuo Line railroad from the station of Koenji in 3 minutes away. By all means when you come to Koenji. We'll be expecting you.



Address / MAP
3 - chome, Koenji - ku, Suginami - ku, Tokyo 21-5Looking at the GoogleMap
access JR Chuo Line "Koenji Station" a 3-minute walk of the intermediate street shopping district from the north entrance. Hashire if one minute!
It is 2F of the building opposite the Seven-Eleven.
business hours 11:00~21:00
Regular holiday Thursday
credit card out of service
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