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Features of business

Our laboratory is a comprehensive educational institute of glass craftwork that can learn all kinds of glass techniques. In addition to a professional training course to train many glass artists, we also hold "Glass Craft Experience Course" for the general public.
"What kind of glass craft is it?"
"I'd like to make a bit of an original work."
"Is not there something interesting?"
Who is it! It is an experience course that you can feel free to touch with glass art. Staff will support you firmly, so please challenge with confidence.

Koichi Kanto glass education institution

Tokyo Glass Crafts Research Institute in Ota Ward, Tokyo. First of all, you can experience glass experiences easily as a trial. If you like it, please use full-fledged glass classroom too!

Peace of mind even for beginners

Staff will support you in small groups so that beginners can experience safely and safely. Elementary school students can participate.

Choose your favorite experience!

We have 4 kinds of experiences. If you actually make it by yourself, you will love your work very much.

Tokyo Glass Art Institute Gallery


Address / MAP
〒144 - 0046
1-26-13 Higashi Rikigo, Ota-ku, TokyoLooking at the GoogleMap
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Get off Keikyu Main Line "Tsukiro station": about 5 minutes on foot
Get off at "Kamata station" about 9 minutes by Keikyu bus "Toho Rokugo 1 chome" get off about 2 minutes on foot
business hours 10:00~17:00
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