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Features of business

"Be put on firm learn the basics of pottery is the first step in order to enjoy the pottery." Based on the idea of, rich material can be used, one day or half a day, you can slowly create pottery. Moreover, since it can be used in cheaper rates, please do not hesitate to nephew.

The joy of making up the pieces together even beginners

We can enjoy the fun to create a work Anyone from children to adults. So firmly supported by veteran instructor, peace of mind also the first one. Those who are making the big game works, such as those who are concentrated in the work building toward the ceramics exhibition, have a variety of people have been produced, it is exciting. First child to touch the soil, of course, pottery-making until the lovers of hobby, you can enjoy fully the fun in each.

You can respond to a variety of purposes

Since 5 to have also held organization for lessons of 16 people, you can taste the slowly and carefully pleasure of pottery in many. In addition, the graduation production of the kindergarten, also you can take advantage in tool making to be used in the tea ceremony classroom.

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Address / MAP
Kita-ku, Tokyo Nishigahara 1-52-14-B1Looking at the GoogleMap
access ■ In the case of car
10 minutes from the Metropolitan Expressway "Ojikita IC"
※ There is no parking lot. Please use your local coin parking.
■ In the case of the train
Yamanote Line, Nanboku 6-minute walk from the "Komagome Station"
Namboku 6-minute walk from the "Nishigahara Station"
Keihin Tohoku Line 7-minute walk from the "Kami Nakazato Station"
business hours 10:00~17:00
Regular holiday Irregular
credit card out of service
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