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Kiyo Hide glass Kou Bow
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Features of business

The traditional crafts, we have knowledge and not a decoration are the ones to use on a daily basis.
In the goods to finish manually mechanized advances in all recent years, but I have become expensive, I would like you to feel more delicious the usual meal by using a daily basis traditional crafts.
Edo Kiriko that Kiyohide think is it is a name supporting cast bring out your food and drink.

Use the "hand polishing", which is the traditional technique

In Kiyohide glass we have to cherish the old-fashioned technique called "hand polishing". Currently, while the brush dipped in chemicals "acid polishing" is becoming mainstream, you can come and experience the goodness of the hand polishing unique. Kiyohide is, we would like to cherish this tradition technique of even the late Edo period in the future.

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