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Cali Ho Sho Ten
areaOkinawa/Ishigaki Iriomote Island near

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Features of business

Weaker and young children family of swimming, women's journey Please leave Kariho shops of small classes! It is a small shop, but cherish the services that can be because small scale, will guide you with an at-home atmosphere. Tour to go to see snorkeling divers yearning of Manta from the island of the popular vision in Ishigaki Island, full of fun tour until a clear-grabbing Kuroshima-Panari (Aragusukujima)!

Small classes leisurely tour

To be weaker and young children of the family of swimming, because I would like you to enjoy full blast without worrying around, we guide you through all of the plans in small classes. Please enjoy leisurely forget the hustle and bustle of the city.

Enjoy from half a day at the store set type!

Even the date of arrival Even the day of the return, change of clothes and preparation because the store set type easy travel! Since there is also a shower and parking lots, using the shower When you have finished the sea play, as it is the drive and airplane boarding possible. Of course, you can also take your of your baggage.

Waterproof digital camera rental is free!

Ishigaki of the sea of ​​the charm! Snorkelling and diving of the fun! SNS from people who have actual experience using the like, because even alone I want to convey to many people ...
"You in waterproof digital camera rental Free!"

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Address / MAP
Ishigaki, Okinawa Prefecture Shinkawa 17Looking at the GoogleMap
access From Ishigaki Airport
Car rental: about 25 minutes
Limousine Bus: about 50 minutes → walk from the bus terminal stop: about 12 minutes
business hours 7:00~23:00
Regular holiday Irregular
credit card out of service
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