Anniversary Cruise (Anniversary Cruise)

Anniversary Cruise
areaTokyo/23 wards

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Features of business

Please with your fellow "the sky and the sea and a smile" to the happy time to be wrapped ...
Cruising for our customers is a fresh, non-everyday, I want you to be the most familiar resort experience!
Want to help you in such a special moment ... one one of the cruise ... unforgettable take every anniversary!
"Tokyo Anniversary Cruise" all of one day anniversary (anniversary) in ... at the thought the was started.
Even fellow each other congenial, I met only wine at each other and BBQ, hit a smack in the hors d'oeuvres, happily chatting, in a time of bliss to spend while wrapped in usually a different sight, the relationship incredibly on board a ship in Tokyo Bay it'll be to feel that the deepening.

Overwhelming kind of Cruiser!

Introducing possible cruiser in Yokohama, Tokyo Bay Cruising is more than 70!
From small, from a BBQ, from the fishing boat, from the retro ones, stylish ones, and to large!
I'm sure you'll Deaeru thing to the ideal of the cruiser.

It can be a luxury at a reasonable price?

Due to the contract a lot of cruiser directly with the owners, can be your boarding in Yokohama and Tokyo Bay cruising at a price of about a dinner at the popular restaurant in Tokyo.
In addition, because it is offered at full made-to-order to decompose the components of the cruise, we realized the best prices than normal charter cruising.


Because charter cruise with captain and crew, without the worry of driving or cleaning and maintenance. Sound and video, arrange, serving food and drink, even leave also arrange pick-up OK!
It will be able to concentrate simply just on the anniversary making.

Anniversary Gallery of Cruise (Anniversary Cruise)


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Regular holiday 7 days a week
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