Houseboat dot-com Marin Kids

Houseboat dot-com Marin Kids
areaTokyo/23 wards

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Small dedicated "Japanese and Tokyo banquet experience in the parlor of the houseboat" charter houseboat "Marin Kids" Do you like? Tokyo Port of waterway, the canal city of voyage, warehouse district, container wharf, is recommended Tokyo Keihin Canal, which is also 7.5 kilometers in can enjoy Tokyo longest canal orange lights. Metropolitan Expressway views from the ship, so we also ran monorail, if the charter of the houseboat, adults can also enjoy children.

Keihin Canal new discovery

If sailing is No. Marin Kids, sea birds, airplanes, various work boat, etc. the Tokyo Monorail, you can enjoy the view from the ship

Odaiba houseboat gather

Marin Kids No. Recommended! When it comes to Odaiba Fuji TV around the night lights of the lantern of the houseboat is very beautiful floats on the surface of the water

Houseboat journey of Edo "chic" - canal

In small private houseboat "Marin Kids Loco", "Journey of Tokyo canal" is very popular by taking advantage of the hull! Children can enjoy a family together, or look at the airplane, watching the birds, you can also experience the can you Edo of "chic" to see the monorail and the coming and going ship

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Ota-ku, Tokyo Omori 5-6-3Looking at the GoogleMap
business hours 9:00~22:00
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