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Tokyo Water Ways
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Features of business

In Tokyo water Ways, the main departure and arrival at the Nihonbashi dock, we do charter (charter) cruising to choose according to your preference. Such as the popular "Nihonbashi, Kanda River, Sumida River 1 lap cruise", based on the customer's wish, experienced staff will support us.

Special experience different from the usual

In the spring cherry blossom viewing, such as fireworks viewing in the summer, families and couples, you can experience the special moments ever in the companion each other. Such as a birthday or wedding anniversary, perfect for a special day of dating. Usually with views of Tokyo from a different angle, you spend valuable time.

Ideal for parties and banquet

Such as cruises and night view cruise of Nihonbashi arrival and departure, the plan variety. And a collection of regional, company of recreation, can be used in various situations. Tell a small hope, please to produce a good time best. Of course, it is OK also bring.

Relaxed cruising in a dedicated ship

Company-owned ship "WATERWAYS" is, Sumida River and Tokyo of the river and an open boat that shipbuilding in the canal only, as in the Nihonbashi River. Total length 10.33m, there is also a full width 3.48m, you can embark up to 44 people. Since there is a toilet, also safe long cruise of drinking liquor. Mike audio announcement also equipped.

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