Hokkaido Nature guide service Kamui

Hokkaido Nature guide service Kamui
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In the "Hokkaido Nature guide service Kamui", it guides you through the Hokkaido trekking & Nature haiku based on the Daisetsuzan. Daisetsuzan, including the Hokkaido's highest peak is Asahidake (2,291m), it is the generic name of altitude 2,000m class of mountains of up to 20 mountain range. And, Daisetsuzan is the largest national park in Japan. In such a majestic place, slowly leisurely walk journey, Yamatabi, has coordinated the natural journey. Customers to enjoy the trekking and snowshoeing, the guide will firmly support.

There are a variety of plans depending on the season!

From May to October, there is a Daisetsuzan and Hokkaido hundred day trek to the mountains, Asahidake Sugataminoike such as alpine plants of wetlands and trail hike from Flower Haiku, photo tour around the outskirts of the photography spot Dongchuan. Choose your favorite plan, but please feel free to try to participate. Winter season, snowshoeing hike is recommended. You can see wonderful snow scene of Hokkaido unique!

You can enjoy a more private tour!

Because it is a tour of up to 7 people, firmly Ikitodoki guide the eye. Even if you are not familiar to trekking, please join us in peace. If you participate with your family and friends, should bond deepens. Let's make wonderful memories of the trip to Hokkaido!

Nearby campground!

July 2015, when it is using the "Asahi hill campsite" which opened Higashikawa-cho, it climaxes further outdoor mood. To the camp, I could also trekking, you can enjoy nature!

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