Awaji Island Go! cart

Awaji Island, go-kart
areaHyogo/Awaji Island

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Features of business

Awaji Island one round 150㎞ on public roads for a go-kart, and able to run freely.
There is also a course around the Awaji Island of flowers seen a lot of "flowers course" and tourist attractions.
On public roads go-kart X cart, you can enjoy the Awaji Island tour!

Can run on public roads, Awaji Island drives in go-kart X- cart

X- cart unlimited fun in a small body.
And ordinary vehicles can enjoy a different drive.
Awaji Island is like a race track? !
Please enjoy tourism and drive full blast!

Enjoy the Awaji Island tourism "flower tour course" in X- cart

The Awaji Island, there are nice tourist spot a lot.
Ohana course seen a lot of flowers is a popular course for women.

Mood is like a racing driver!

If you have a common license, anyone available.
You can enjoy the racing driver mood on public roads as long as the time.

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Address / MAP
Hyogo Prefecture Awaji Iwaya 3329Looking at the GoogleMap
access About 5 minutes from Kobe Awaji Naruto automobile road "Higashiura IC"
business hours 9:00 to 19:30
Regular holiday Irregular
There is temporary closure due to weather, etc. ※
credit card out of service
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