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Tokachi Outdoor Mates
areaHokkaido/Obihiro Tokachi

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Started rafting on the Tokachi River, is a popular and enjoyable to feel free and reasonable canoeing experience in Kuttari Lake.

Only TOM! "W rafting"

TOM of rafting tour "W rafting"!
Tokachi River can be especially fun section (about 2.5km) the challenge twice that most suitable for rafting in the (total length about 160km)! !

Abundant amount of water through the season!

TOM of rafting is done in the upstream portion of the Tokachi River, which boasts the second basin area in Hokkaido.
This area is Hokkaido of the roof, is the amount of water through the abundant water in the upstream season thanks to the dam, which springs from Tokachidake rich!
Tokachi River, because it is one of the few rivers that can exhilarating rafting even in dry season of midsummer to those who wish to rafting on the thrilling condition is recommended!

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Address / MAP
Kamikawa-gun Shintoku-cho Kuttari baseline 240 addressLooking at the GoogleMap
access By car
Sapporo to 2 and a half hours (high-speed use)
New Chitose Airport to 2 hours (high-speed use)
Asahikawa to 3 hours
Obihiro to 1 hour
Obihiro Airport - one and a half hours
Kushiro to 3 hours
business hours 8:00ー19:00
Regular holiday None
credit card out of service
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