Muto diving (MUTOSENSUI)

Muto sense Lee
areaOkinawa/Okinawa (Koza) Chatan-Ginowan

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Around the experience diving and boat diving you can dive in the cave of the popularity of the Okinawa blue!

Let Moguro in Okinawa Prefecture, the two major beach points!

The first is familiar with the water from where to get the legs, while watching the tropical fish and a lot of coral, let's dive of Nbiri.

Also welcome in the experience there is no people!

Experience is a menu that can dive to feel free to water in those who have a little fear in the direction and the sea you do not have a one and license no.
Is plenty of content and a short performance, underwater photography gift of food fried staff to the tropical fish in the cave of Long dive Okinawa blue depending on the course.

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