Summer Resort Okinawa (Summer Resort Okinawa)

Summer Resort Okinawa
areaOkinawa/Headquarters Nago-Kunigami

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Features of business

Our summer resort Okinawa will propose Okinawa's sea play with the motto "fun and safety"! We have many marine menus such as "mysterious blue cave", "anemone fish & tropical fish", "banana boat", "kids program". We offer a safe and enjoyable day than anywhere.

☆ Reliable store collective tour!

Free parking, fully equipped shower for men and women, hair dryer and mirror are also available,
Departure to immediate sightseeing is possible after the menu!

☆ Feeding for fish FREE!

You can enjoy a leisurely leisurely bait fried experience is surrounded by a lot of tropical fish.

☆ Adopted a mask that is easy to see with wide viewing!

We have adopted a single lens eye mask so that you can experience the underwater world with a broad perspective.
Since the facial expressions are clearly visible, the photograph is also perfect
(Those who wish to attach mask with degree will be twin lenses)

Summer Resort Gallery of Okinawa (Summer Resort Okinawa)


Address / MAP
Kunigami-gun, Okinawa Prefecture Onna Yamada 2679-1Looking at the GoogleMap
access Okinawa about 10 minutes by car from the motorway [Ishikawa IC].
South to Route 58. Renaissance Resort 1km away signal a right turn.
business hours 8:00~18:00
Regular holiday Seven days a week
credit card out of service
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Remarks English, correspondence possible in Chinese