Okinawa diving mensore (Mensoー Re)

areaOkinawa/Okinawa (Koza) Chatan-Ginowan
Campaign / announcement★ blue cave diving activity Japan special price of (all course underwater photography, feeding, bath towel lending Free)

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Features of business

Even if you're of no diving experience for beginners it is a shop where you can to enjoy slowly natural rich Okinawa sea. Diving in Kerama that boasts outstanding transparency, coral and white sand beach and the large clumps will be sucked up to the seabed and, await the encounter with colorful tropical fish. In addition, it might meet with someone could be guided to the dragon Miyagi sea turtles. Among the best space that can not be tasted only here, please spend a much-valued time.

Impressive experience that you can because novice shop!

The best of impressive experience to deliver. Diving shop Mensoー Rede is, tells the sea of ​​charm between good Kei to the first one. Gently, and produce the memories of the excitement and guidance kindly. An emphasis on safety, continues to be a shop where you can Leave it with peace of mind for the first time of the dive.

All for the voice of the "I'm glad to come to diving!"

This shop offers a large selection of the guide with more of the tour experience 1000 times guide history more than 10 years. Everyone, just fun staff who blessed with talent and experience. More fun, not scarecrow efforts As you can safely make the memories of Okinawa. Not just a cheap shop, now to be able to provide service to maintaining the quality in a smart system around the Web reservation. Is the reasonable price of self-confidence.

Thorough support during the "girls trip"!

Because I want you to become the memories of Okinawa sea was shining best, we support the "girls trip" commitment. Peace of mind × fun × free service of this shop original "women's journey equation" Girl, Lady, the first dive for Madam everyone girls trip success please.

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Address / MAP
Okinawa Prefecture Nakagami-gun Chatan-cho Hamago address 156 S-201Looking at the GoogleMap
access <Automotive>
Proceed to the north from Naha Airport Station towards the 332 National Highway in Naha west road / Route 58. As arrival and run for about 50 minutes to Route 58 to the north
business hours 9:00~18:00
Regular holiday A day, seven days a week (in principle)
credit card VISA、MASTER、SAISON  
※ division, revolving credit support
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