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areaOkinawa/Ishigaki Iriomote Island near

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Features of business

Do you go back without looking at the fish and dazzling coral reef countless?
Will guide you to a nice spot of Yaeyama.

Contact Sakanahatake and coral reefs, phantom of the island "Hamajima"

In the beautiful sea of ​​Yaeyama, guidance to your Sakanahatake and coral reefs.
Or it is surrounded by colorful fish and coral, also will guide you to the island "Hamajima" phantom that appears only at low tide.

I want at your convenience to customers

Depending on each course, such as a tour time, it can be modified to suit the convenience of our customers.
Please enjoying the Yaeyama sea at your own pace.
Kohama who stay, we will free transfer ♪

Rental enhancement

After the tour, to those who wish to tourism Kohama is, lending in the rental cycle if free.
The rental bike rental car, there is also a discount.

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Address / MAP
Okinawa Prefecture Yaeyama District Taketomi-cho Obama 3400-40Looking at the GoogleMap
business hours 7 am to 22 pm
Regular holiday Seven days a week
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