Motosu Activity Center (Motosuko Activity Center)

Moto score Activity Center
areaYamanashi/Kawaguchi, West Lake, Fujiyoshida, Lake Shoji, Lake Motosu

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Features of business

It faces the Mount Fuji of thousand yen bill in front of the eyes, canoe (kayak) in the clean lake, which boasts the transparency of the country's leading, SUP experience!
In Motosu Activity Center, we have been conducting a variety of nature experience eco-tour.
Motosu shining in cobalt blue is a cool different world at an altitude of 900m.
And beautiful scenery not only seen only here, please enjoy the special experience of your own.
Fuji Five Lakes (Lake Motosu, Yamanaka, Kawaguchi, West Lake, Lake Shoji) the highest degree of transparency among the, clean water and a superb view of the country's leading await you everyone.

Let's play in the world cultural heritage!

2013, overlooking the Mount Fuji, which is registered as a world cultural heritage, you can enjoy the great outdoors.
Fuji from Motosu became the shooting point of thousand yen bill it is worth a look.

You can also participate in each tour for beginners!

It has been participating many beginners.
Each tour guides, do the tour while according to the level of the participants.
Of course, the direction of family and beginners, has become a content to enjoy in experience.

Spring, summer, autumn each of charm abounds!

Spring, summer, because there is a fall each of charm, you can happily stay at any time of the season.
Motosu an altitude of 900m, so cool even in summer, comfortably spend.

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Address / MAP
Yamanashi Prefecture minamikoma gun Minobu Nakanokura 2926Looking at the GoogleMap
access ◆ In the case of the train
About 40 minutes by car from Fujikyuko Line "Kawaguchiko Station" · JR minobu line "Kai Tokiwa Station"
About 60 minutes by car from the JR Tokaido Shinkansen "Shin-Fuji Station"

◆ In the case of car
■ from the Tokyo area
Chuo Expressway 139 National Highway from (Kawaguchiko IC) (about 25 minutes)
■ from the Kansai area
Meishin-Tomei Expressway 139 National Highway from (Fuji IC) (about 40 minutes)
■ from Kofu district
Central cross road 52 Route → 300 Route national highway from (Masuho IC) (about 40 minutes)
business hours 9:00~17:00
Regular holiday Irregular
credit card JTB, MASTER
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Remarks In the case of car of car navigation system setting Address:
Yubinbango409-3104 Yamanashi Prefecture minamikoma gun Minobu Chuno warehouse 2926
(Yamanashi Prefecture Minamikomagun Minobu Nakanokura)
Phone: 0556-38-0117