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Kayak made to ride in the sea has been called the "sea kayak". The kayak, Eskimo has derived from the boat to be used for hunting, it is a small boat there from around 4000 BC. All right? Do not you think kana ride to me? If the people who ride a bike and ski okay. Age and physical fitness is totally no relationship, you can enjoy anyone. In the U-Jin Hall learn the basic lessons, it offers a variety of play, such as guided tours. Want to ride in the sea kayak! I want to experience! Come not only to think of it, try to challenge in the U-Jin Tachi.

Advance on the sea to slide at sea level!

The field of view of the sea kayak is sea level. While feeling a sense of unity with the sea, the fun will go on the sea is as slippery sea kayak unique!

Sea walk the cave shining in Otaru Shioya of Blue!

Commonly known as the beauty of the Shioya Otaru, Hokkaido, which is referred to as the "blue cave" is mysterious. Sea level of almost transparent blue, hewn, which began to create a natural is a landscape of a miracle that not only only seen summer short period of Hokkaido.

Sense of stability that you can experience even for beginners, children!

Sea kayak is long of watercraft, excellent stability and operability, you can experience in children. Originally Aleut, Inuit, is used to the people of the far north, such as Yuppikku to the hunting in the ocean, we have been making to keep the stability even in rough sea waves.

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Address / MAP
Otaru, Hokkaido Shioya 1-27-12Looking at the GoogleMap
access ▼ North Hotel Otaru welcomed Hamadate parking
Otaru Shioya 1-chome, No. 27, No. 12

▼ walk from JR Shioya Station
A 20-minute walk from JR Shioya Station
Walk to the Shioya beach 0 minutes

▼ bus ride from JR Otaru Station
Please ride from JR Otaru Station bus of Shioya line. We will arrive at the Shioya coast bus stop of the end point in approximately 20 minutes. It will arrive in about a 5-minute walk to see the sea on your left from the bus stop.

▼ Transfer
Sapporo Station North (in some cases also acceptable to your hotel of) or Otaru Station
business hours 9:00 to 18:00
Regular holiday Irregular (during the season is seven days a week)
credit card out of service
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