LONGISLAND (Long Island)

Long Island
areaKanagawa/Yokosuka Zushi-Hayama Miura

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Is a school Long Island of kite boarding school, paddle board, which is the hotel to kite board kite surfing snowboard shop in Kanagawa Prefecture Miura. Shops and schools are facing the Miurakaigan, I location overlooking the sea. A short walk from the shop is selling can be an entry to the coast! Miurakaigan is relatively because the waves are calm and shallow, is the perfect environment to start a kite board or SUP! Please come by all means!

Sea exhilarating kite board experience of Miura! !

Long Island is one of the few schools where you can experience the kite board in Kanagawa. Kite surfing (kiteboarding) can enjoy the waves as surfing while the wind to kite, enjoy the feeling of dancing in the air like a paraglider, it is a very attractive marine sports! Courteous even for beginners I will teach you to! We look forward to it!

Miura of the sea on the right hand SUP Lessons & tour ★

Stand up paddle, standing in the large surf board, surfing paddling with a paddle. Since the board there is a buoyancy, smaller waves, you can for everyone. Just a little practice, anyone and can enjoy convenience, from the fact that there is also a shape-up effect, but also a lot of attention as a woman of fitness purposes. And paddling approximately 1Km while looking in the right hand the Miurakaigan. Your visit to experience the elegant mood!

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Address / MAP
Kanagawa Prefecture Miura Minamishitaura MachiKamimiyada 1447Looking at the GoogleMap
access If you are traveling by train, a 5-minute walk from the Miurakaigan Station
business hours 10:00~20:00
Regular holiday Thursday
credit card out of service
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