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[Okinawa Onna] uninhabited sea kayak & coral reef snorkel (★ There various discount ★)

area Okinawa / headquarters Nago-Kunigami category kayak Snorkeling
The day before reservation OK Charter Allowed Rain departs Allowed
Application with 3 people or more [group split] per person 6,800 yen​ ​(tax included)
AJ point 62pt win
Included in price

Facility use fees and snorkel charges, sea kayaking charges, guide fees, equipment, insurance

Fee details
  • Starting time 8:00、12:30
  • Participating age4-year-old -
  • Time required 3-4 hours
  • ScheduleRegularly
  • Assemble point冒険島店舗 

    Kunigami-gun, Okinawa Prefecture Onna Maeganeku 149
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  • Information
  • Detail
  • Access and map

Description​ ​

Over a coral reef rich deep blue sea of ​​Onna, while blowing in the sea breeze start. Small children are also adults can enjoy together tours. Because that does not require the movement of long-distance, it greeted the seabirds, you can enjoy the water touring the sheer to the seabed leisurely.

Enjoy the Okinawa sea kayak

Mysterious natural cave that can not be reach only by kayak. Light that enters from the outside is in light blue water, you can enjoy a fantastic and mysterious cave exploration.

Big Adventure to a deserted island

A lot of hermit crab us pure white pure white beach is a small uninhabited island of untouched landed is. It is the best to spend a laid-back time to find a such a nice shells. We meet in the popular anemone fish and a variety of tropical fish we are in a colorful coral reef that extends into the sea.

Equipped with a clean shower and changing room

Since it is equipped with a clean shower and changing room in the venue facility, it is possible to feel free to tour participate in between sightseeing. You can also enjoy a lot more with children there is also a playground cute animals and children in the facility.

Attractions of the plan


Minimum number of people 1 person
Number of people who can book 1 person to 11 people
Schedule Regularly
Assemble time <午前> 8:00集合
<Afternoon> 12:30 set

※ Duration: about 4 hours
Assemble point 冒険島店舗 

Kunigami-gun, Okinawa Prefecture Onna Maeganeku 149
Reservation deadline The day before, until 5 PM

Regarding advance preparation

About clothings and must-bring items What to bring: swimsuit, sandals, change of clothes, towel their own in what you need, such as
About rental items Snorkel, sea kayak equipment set

Facility information

Changing room toilet shower
Hot spring - Locker Hairdryer
Parking Lot Convenience store / supermarket
Okinawa Prefecture Kunigami group Onna Maeganeku 149
How to reach by car
◆ general road
North to Route 58 Nago direction
※ about 60 minutes straight on Route 58 from Naha
◆ High-speed use
About 5 minutes at Okinawa Expressway Ishikawa IC get off
◆ Route bus
Line 20 line 120 approximately 1 hour 30 minutes
Get off at Masukuni
※ Inner Village and Nago City Designated Hotel (Busena · Marriott · Ritz Carlton · Kise Beach, etc. along National Highway 58) are free to pick up.

Price list

PLAN Weekdays Weekend Remarks
Application with 3 people or more [group split] / person

Basic charge

6,800yen 6,800yen 15-year-old ~
Application [pair split] with 2 persons / person

Basic charge

7,500yen 7,500yen 15-year-old ~
Adult / person

Basic charge

9,800yen 9,800yen 15-year-old ~
Child / person

Basic charge

5,800yen 5,800yen 4-year-old to 14 years old

※Prices including all taxes.

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About payment / cancellation

Payment method The payment method specified by the operator.
About payment method specified by business operator After the tour ends, - it settled in cash at the local
※ various credit card Please note that it is not available.
About cancellation fee Upon cancellation by the convenience of our customers, we have gotten a 100% cancellation fee from the day before the cancellation.
※ typhoon such as, in the case of the canceled stop, or aviation, ship by sea 況悪 reduction does not take cancellation fee.
Cancellation by operators. Depending on ocean conditions on the day of participation there are times when that becomes a point change or discontinuation.
During rainy weather it will also be held if there is a problem with the ocean conditions.


Other notices Conditions of Participation: healthy people over the age of four

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