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[Kanagawa Miura] welcome from beginners to veterans! Fishing Unlimited in a large raft! !

area Kanagawa / Yokosuka Zushi-Hayama Miura category sea fishing Sea fishing pond
The day before reservation OK
Adult (male) per person 14,040 yen(tax included)
AJ point 130pt acquisition
Included in price

Entry fee, ferry fee

Fee details
  • Participating age0 years old ~
  • Time required Within 1 hour, 1 to 2 hours, for 2 to 3 hours, 4 to 5 hours
  • ScheduleWhole year
  • Assemble pointMiura Town Hall first floor
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  • Detail
  • Access and map

Description​ ​

Please feel free to carry your feet so you can prepare all such also lend Thao come empty-handed. The first one and, we will staff is allowed to advice to those who do not catch. Please feel free to call out to the attendant. Please take away your all fish caught in your own. If you feel you do not need a lot If, please raised to one and the staff next. You should see who can received gladly.

Enjoy sea fishing in handy!

Since more than heavyweights 10kg are large quantities released, fishing and a couple of the whole family, until the veteran from the beginner, you will be able to experience the fun sea fishing!


Minimum number of people 1 person
Number of people who can book 1 person -
Schedule Whole year
Assemble time AM7:00集合・AM7:30分出船となり、スタッフが乗船を案内します。
Assemble point Miura Town Hall first floor
Reservation deadline The day before be accepted (pm to 5:00)

Regarding advance preparation

About clothings and must-bring items Fishing rod (those within the 3.6m)
You can also buy in the food (please prepare) our shop
Ideal if cooler (large) 40 l
Pliers (Remove the needle)
Towel or gloves (because it does not directly touch the fish)
About rental items With loan pole ※ gimmick (one 1,000 yen)
Lending livebag-Tamo (Free)
Styrofoam cooler (surcharge)

Facility information

Changing room - toilet - shower -
Hot spring - Locker - Hairdryer -
Parking Lot Convenience store / supermarket
Kanagawa Prefecture Miura Misaki 5-3-1 Miura Town Hall first floor
How to reach by car
1. Yokohama Yokosuka road → Kinugasa IC → Misaki running through road → National Highway 134 Highway → 引橋 intersection → County Road 26 Route → Misaki Port
2. Yokohama Yokosuka road → Sawara IC → County Road 27 Highway → National Route 134 Route → 引橋 intersection → County Road 26 Route → Misaki Port

Price list

PLAN Weekdays Weekend Remarks
Adult (male) / person

Basic charge

14,040yen 14,040yen 13-year-old -
Adult (woman) / person

Basic charge

10,800yen 10,800yen 13-year-old -
Child / person

Basic charge

7,560yen 7,560yen To 12-year-old (elementary school or less)
Visitors ferry fee / person

Basic charge

3,240yen 3,240yen Please select here the direction of the tour only.

※Prices including all taxes.

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  • ×...Finished
  • -...Unavailable
  • ...After making your reservation, you will receive a confirmation notice from the operator.
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About payment / cancellation

Payment method The payment method of business specified
About payment method specified by business operator Please pay by the day of cash.
About cancellation fee On the day or of the non-contact cancellation, you will receive 100% of your fee.
Cancellation by operators. Typhoon, strong wind, if it is determined that the danger in the sea conditions, weather such as storm, you may want to stop the fishing of departure and fishing pond.
Determined during the previous day as much as possible, but if you decide to cancel, we will contact you in until 20 o'clock around the previous day, on the day, when the weather and sea conditions is suddenly changed the highest priority on customer safety, there is a case to cancel . Thank you in advance for your understanding.


Matters require attention ※ The fee to fish in one person pole single-needle single
※ issued <number of pole> will be in the room rate
※ If the adults and children fish in rotation times the rate of adult one person (separately visitors ferry fee will be required)
※ adults and children fishing at the same time, if you put two of the rod with your family, it takes two people for the price of adults and children
※ visitors ferry fee will be per person 3,000 yen (excluding tax).
※ also visitors ferry fee case of small children is required.
Other notices Fish caught will be happy to bled to tighten in order to keep the freshness. It scales down and cooking services, such as three wholesale does not do.

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