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【Tokyo · Hino】 Wedding location photo shooting plan by professional photographer (3 and a half hours)

area Tokyo / Tachikawa, Chofu, Kichijoji category horse riding photo
Charter Allowed Credit card payment
Wedding photo · 3 hours 30 minutes per time 108,000 yen(tax included)
AJ point 1000pt acquisition
Included in price

● Mary's horse riding cost (around 2 hours)
● Shot by Professional Photographer
● Kimono and make-up by stylist
● Wedding dresses (7 to 13)
● Accessories (veil, accessories, gloves, etc.)
● Bouquet and Boutonia
● Male costume (Y-shirt, jacket, tie)
● Wedding Framed Photo - A4 Size: 2 pieces or Framed A3 Size: 1 sheet
Photo data (about 100 cuts DVD burning)
● Sales tax

Fee details
  • Starting time 9:00、13:00
  • Participating age0 years old ~
  • Time required 3-4 hours
  • ScheduleWhole year
  • Assemble pointPlease fill in the desired shooting location when applying.
    ※ It will be around "Mary's Wind".
    * Of course it can be a "Mary's Wind" collection.
    (Ishida 305-17, Hino City, Tokyo 191-0021)
    Look in GoogleMap
  • Information
  • Detail
  • Access and map

Description​ ​

I do not have any troubles.

Even one person, two people, or even family members is fine.
Stylists will handle from costume to makeup, hair makeup and dressing.
The picture is finished in a fashionable portrait style by a professional photographer.

If you are planning a wedding ceremony from now on please use it on the welcome board.
I am happy if a child who did not mention a wedding ceremony leave the memories of that time together with the child.

One page of an important day on Mariya's back ♪

Since ancient times horses have been treated as God 's rides, the gods of God.
Many horses have appeared in various festivals in various parts of Japan as God Ma.
A horse will surely appear in a high-class ceremony such as ROYAL WEDDING.

Why do not you leave an important moment of your life straddling Mariya's back?

Costume rental, stylist, professional photographer

Costume rental
· Wedding dresses (No. 7 to No. 13)
· Bouquets, accessories, gloves and other small items
A veil
· Male costume (Y-shirt, jacket · tie)
I am relieved because I have a business trip with a stylist.

It is a photography by a professional photographer.
Data will be burned onto DVD for around 100 sheets and handed over.
I will pass 2 photos of 2 L size in a picture frame for wedding photograph.
(We will have about a week.)

Please be assured for the first time

Mary is a quiet horse, so please do not hesitate to get on a horse and be relieved and join in with your child or family.

Let's leave a nice photo.
Children younger than 3 can shoot with the guardian with two people.
Children over 3 years old can ride alone.


Minimum number of people 1 person
Number of people who can book 1 person -
Schedule Whole year
Assemble time Please make it by the application time.
Assemble point Please fill in the desired shooting location when applying.
※ It will be around "Mary's Wind".
* Of course it can be a "Mary's Wind" collection.
(Ishida 305-17, Hino City, Tokyo 191-0021)
Reservation deadline Up to 5 days before

Regarding advance preparation

About clothings and must-bring items If you have any requests such as costumes, we will receive it separately.
Please fill in at the time of application and inquire.
About rental items Please consult about the costume.

Facility information

Changing room - toilet shower -
Hot spring - Locker - Hairdryer -
Parking Lot - Convenience store / supermarket -
〒 191 - 0021
305-17 Ishida, Hino City, Tokyo
"Wind of Mary"
How to reach by car
Since there is no parking lot, please use nearby coin parking etc.
How to reach by train
About 15 minutes on foot from the Keio Line "Takahata Fudo Station"
Approximately 10 minutes on foot from the Tama Monorail "Manji temple station"

Price list

PLAN Weekdays Weekend Remarks
Wedding photo · 3 hours half / time

Basic charge

108,000yen 108,000yen 3 years old ~ Child under 3 years old, please ride with the guardian with two people. ※ No matter how many people you participate, it is three and a half hours = 108,000 yen. Please set "1 time" when applying.

※Prices including all taxes.

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About payment / cancellation

Payment method Pre-card payment, the ways assigned by operators
About payment method specified by business operator Please pay in cash or by credit card payment on the day.
About cancellation fee The cancellation fee will be required in accordance with the policy below.
7 to 6 days ago: 20%
5 to 4 days ago: 30%
3 to 1 day ago: 50%
On the day: 100%
The cancellation without notice: 100%
Cancellation by operators. In case of stormy weather it will be canceled.
In that case, please understand that we can not respond to payment of transportation expenses etc to the site.
Indication on Specified Commercial Transactions Law Indication on Specified Commercial Transactions Law


Matters require attention · Because the horse is one Mary, if it is taken by several people, it will be horse-riding shooting in turn.
· Mary is a bit small horse so please give it to those who weigh up to 65 kg.
Other notices · The shooting location is around Mary's wind.

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