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[Tokyo / Asakusa] Let's go to Asakusa sightseeing in Yukata! [Yukata rental & dressing plan]

area Tokyo / 23 wards category Kimono rental
The day before reservation OK Rain departs Allowed
Standard per person 3,456 yen(tax included)
AJ point 32pt win
Included in price

Complete rental (Yukata, band, basket drawstring, geta, kanzashi), dressing, simple hair set

Fee details
  • Participating age3 years old or older
  • Time required Within one hour
  • ScheduleMay - September
  • Assemble pointBasara kimono rental Asakusa shop
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  • Access and map

Description​ ​

At "Bassara Kimono Rentals Asakusa Store" we are preparing various plans that you can come and visit by hand and change clothes and change your favorite kimono / Yukata. This plan is a summer-only Yukata rental plan.

Dressing by hair staff · hair set

After acceptance, we have selected Yukata and started dressing in a private space. The staff will quickly dress. Approximately 20 minutes per person until completion of clothing.
After having called Yukata, we will do hair set (free). It connects the hair in a simple manner and adds accent with ornate pateza and corsage. We also offer hair arranging options to complement the appearance of Yukata.

Select accessories according to Yukata

Please fit the Yukata or bring in the necessary accessories for purse drawing, bring your clothes on. Besides purse strings, large purse bags are also available for rent (for a fee). You can not keep valuables, so please bring it in your purse.

To Yamagata to Asakusa sightseeing

When you are ready, please enjoy walking in Asakusa and eating. There are many sightseeing spots in Asakusa. Please feel free to ask the staff for recommended places etc.
Please return 30 minutes before closing time. Optional return on next day OK (until noon, overdue fee 1058 yen is required separately after noon). You can also return another store on that day.

Attraction of the plan


Minimum number of people 1 person
Number of people who can book 1 person to 8 people
Schedule May - September
Assemble time 9:00~16:30
※ Please fill in your time of hope at the time of booking to the remarks column.
※ It will start every 30 minutes.
※ The return will be until 17:30 on the day.
※ 9: 00, 9: 30 course is required +540 yen as an early morning option.
Assemble point Basara kimono rental Asakusa shop
Reservation deadline The day before be accepted (pm to 5:00)

Regarding advance preparation

About clothings and must-bring items Although it is not particularly necessary, please present identification card (passport, credit card, etc.) for confirmation of the person himself.
About rental items Accessory rental option available (available on the day)

Facility information

Changing room toilet shower -
Hot spring - Locker - Hairdryer -
Parking Lot - Convenience store / supermarket -
2-1-3 Asakusa, Taito-ku, Tokyo
People who come by train
About 2 minutes on foot from Tobu Sky Tree Line "Asakusa Station" Exit 6
About 4 minutes on foot from Asakusa Station "Asakusa Station" Exit A5
Tsukuba Express "Asakusa Station" Exit 1 from the foot about 9

Price list

PLAN Weekday Weekend Remarks
Standard / person

Basic charge

3,456yen 3,456yen 手軽に浴衣を体験したい方、比較的落ち着いた色味のものを選びたい方におすすめです。 3才以上 ※13才未満の方は保護者の同伴が必要です。
ONE STAR / person

Basic charge

4,860yen 4,860yen 華やかな柄で現代風な浴衣スタイルを楽しみたいお客様におすすめ。 3才以上 ※13才未満の方は保護者の同伴が必要です。
Tsusuta / person

Basic charge

5,940yen 5,940yen 最上級の柄や速乾性の機能素材を使った浴衣をそろえたプラン。ひと味違う高級感をお楽しみいただけます。 3才以上 ※13才未満の方は保護者の同伴が必要です。
Early morning option / person


540yen 540yen In case of 9:00 · 9:30 start, early morning option is required.
Hair set (one star / fancy hair that suits kimono) / person


1,080yen 1,080yen 普段とは違う和の装いにピッタリ似合う絶品ヘアアレンジを、プロのセット師が1人ずつセット。ショートやボブもおまかせ! 編みこみでお花やシニオンをつくることで、着物とマッチするアップスタイルヘアを中心に、フィッシュボーンやハーフアップなど、ダウンスタイルでおしゃれにまとめることもできます。
Hair set (Toaster / authentic hair set on a notch) / person


2,160yen 2,160yen 普段とは違う和の装いにピッタリ似合う絶品ヘアアレンジを、プロのセット師が1人ずつセット。ショートやボブもおまかせ! カールを用い、プロのヘアメイクが技術を駆使したアップスタイル。巻いたり、盛ったり、人とは違うヘアスタイルが楽しめます。 着物を着る際にはこの本格的なヘアセットがオススメ!

※Prices including all taxes.

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About payment / cancellation

Payment method The payment method of business specified
About payment method specified by business operator Please pay at the day of cash or credit card.
※ VISA, MASTER compatible
About cancellation fee In case of cancellation or change, please contact us as soon as possible by phone.
If it is canceled by the circumstances of the customer, a cancellation fee will occur.
2 days ago - previous day: 50% of the reservation fee
On the day: 100% of the reservation fee
Cancellation by operators. There is a case to be canceled due to unavoidable circumstances, but you can not respond to compensation, such as travel expenses of up to local.
Please note.

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