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【Okinawa · Kitaya】 New style of Okinawa sightseeing! Public road cart experience

area Okinawa / Okinawa (Koza) Chatan-Ginowan category Public road cart
Adult (1 hour) per person 3,500 yen(tax included)
AJ point 32pt win
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  • Participating age18-year-old -
  • Time required Within 1 hour, 1 to 2 hours, 2-3 hours, 3-4 hours, 4-5 hours, 5-6 hours
  • ScheduleWhole year
  • Assemble pointYubinbango905-0214
    Kunigami-gun, Okinawa Prefecture Motobu-cho Toguchi 764
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Description​ ​

You can run a public road riding a cart almost like a slipped out from the game in the world! Popular "Akiba cart" in Tokyo has landed in Okinawa! Why do not you hurtling cart the city of Okinawa? ! Blue sea is just breathtaking views from Kouri Bridge of the total length of about 2km! Different Okinawa tourist can enjoy the until now. Sea urchin bowl and Okinawa soba, etc., is also recommended to enjoy the course while enjoying Okinawa gourmet!

Choice your favorite time from one hour to a full day course!

Each course, you can enjoy the popular scenic spot. General car rental Similarly, be performed anywhere as long as it is within the time OK !! Please enjoy your free! We introduce the recommended course!

Fancy dress, are welcome!

The Experience in the mood to change to an unusually quiet and sombre mood? ? Cart of decoration and decoration is also OK. Please feel free to contact us.

If those who have an ordinary car license Anyone can experience!

Since the operation is simple, you can also feel free to experience the beginner and women! In addition, please be assured that staff will carefully lecture!

Attraction of the plan


Minimum number of people 1 person
Number of people who can book 1 person -
Schedule Whole year
Assemble time 予約時に希望開始時間をご記入ください。(9:00~17:00)
Assemble point Yubinbango905-0214
Kunigami-gun, Okinawa Prefecture Motobu-cho Toguchi 764
Reservation deadline 3 days before

Regarding advance preparation

About clothings and must-bring items ·License
And other, we encourage you to bring sunglasses / sunscreen / hat (the ones that are not blown away by the wind).
- The direction of overseas will require a copy of the international license and passport.
About rental items Cosplay of rental is not done in our company.
Those who donated from customers and those used in our promotion, we have rented for free.
If you wish to cosplay, we recommend that you prepare yourself.

Facility information

Changing room - toilet shower -
Hot spring - Locker - Hairdryer -
Parking Lot Convenience store / supermarket -
Okinawa Prefecture Nakagami-gun Chatan-cho Mihama 15-69 Carnival Park Mihama
People who come by car
· About 60 minutes from Naha Airport
· About 90 minutes by public bus
Route bus towards Northern part of Route 58/20, 28, 29, 120
Chubu (via Jusco) Line Bus / 62

Price list

PLAN Weekday Weekend Remarks
Adult (1 hour) / person

Basic charge

3,500yen 3,500yen 18-year-old ~ ※ ordinary vehicles licensees
Adults (2 hours) / person

Basic charge

4,500yen 4,500yen 18-year-old ~ ※ ordinary vehicles licensees
Adult (3 hours) / person

Basic charge

8,000yen 8,000yen 18-year-old ~ ※ ordinary vehicles licensees
Extension 30 minutes / person


2,500yen 2,500yen 18-year-old ~ ※ ordinary vehicles licensees

※Prices including all taxes.

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About payment / cancellation

Payment method The payment method of business specified
About payment method specified by business operator The customers who have received make a reservation in advance we ask you to pre-payment.
It will be the formal reservation with a payment check
«Transfer destination»
Bank (0036) first operating branch (251) Ordinary 7,406,280

Kanji: GK Treasure Hunting

Kana: de) Treasury -. Hunting
Please give me the remittance procedures to the above-mentioned account.

( おそれいりますが、振り込み手数料はご負担 くださいますようお願いいたします。)
About cancellation fee Cancellation or change from the booking date up to 15 days before are available free of charge.
- Use of the 14 days before or two days before (including any changes Occupancy) 25% of your usage fee per single ...
· (Also including Occupancy change) Cancellation of the day before you use one ... per Charge 50%
· (Also including Occupancy change) available cancellation of day one ... per Charge 100%
Cancellation by operators. Reservation cancellation fee does not receive if you can book the alternative date for a rainy day, including the day of the typhoon. If it is canceled, it will be refunded minus the transfer fee actual cost 500 yen. Other, if a delay in lending time of the cart in such as airplane arrival delay of by the typhoon, please inform us.


Matters require attention - High heels and leather soled sandals, clothes that there is trouble in the long skirt, etc. operation please refrain.
- Please contact us in the case of extension.
- The direction of overseas will require a copy of the international license and passport.
Other notices First of all, inquiry received from the reservation form, please check the availability of the vehicle.

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