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The history of Otaru Glass is deep and the glass industry began to evolve from the Meiji era to the early Showa era. Asahara Glass Co., Ltd., a glass company that opened a manufacturing facility for the first time in Otaru in 1901, was in charge of advancing the well-known Kitaichi Glass, and at the beginning of the opening of the company, it was producing an oil lamp. But since 1910 it has come to make floating balls as well. Otaru has many spots where glassworking experiences can be experienced, among which there are the most blown glass experiences, and you can also make dumpling balls, sandblasts, stained glasses. At Kitaichi Glass in Sakai Town, Otaru City, you can see the fabrication process of beautiful blown glass made by craftsmen, and have a workshop where you can experience glass craft production such as Tonbonball and sandblasting. It is attractive that dragonfly balls can handle handmade accessories such as pendants and hair rubber by themselves. From Sapporo station by train 40 minutes access, you can apply in advance. It is good to book early if the date to go is decided. In addition, Kitaichi Glass Gallery Venini has become a fun gallery style shop just by watching a lot of merchandise. Since purchased items and manufactured items are glass products, they must be carried carefully, but it is safe to use it because delivery correspondence is also done by shipping fee. You can also make an original music box using glassworking at Yuko at Otaru Music Box Hall in the immediate vicinity. We also have support in Chinese and overseas tourists can use it with confidence so why not stop by when you go around.