Canoe in Minakami

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Kayaking experience and canoeing experience has been rooms in the sea and river, lake in Japan. Or differ from those in the canoe-kayak is attached to both ends of the portion row on the water that single blade paddle, double-blade paddle, and whether attached only on one side, is a vehicle traveling in the surface of the water paddling I do not know well detailed it is. Towards the guide from the exploration activities that ask them to introduce a superb view point that does not Tadoritsuke only by canoe-kayak, it is a wide variety, such as activities to enjoy the fishing while riding in canoe-kayak. You call that a kayak ride in the ocean with sea kayaking. Minakami is located in the northern part of Gunma is a leisure spot of leading Kanto where there is a natural and water hot springs and Sarugakyo hot springs, such as hot springs, such as Tanigawadake and Suwa Gorge. Rivers, lakes of activity is rafting and canyoning using the Tone River, canoeing, because the winter rains much snow, you can snowshoe and ski snowboard. Also ceramics, glass, many workshops, such as accessories, also picking fruit in the fruit plantation type is rich. Access is 1 hour and 40 minutes from the water IC from Tokyo Nerima IC at Kanetsu from Tokyo, 66 minutes in the railway Joetsu Shinkansen Tokyo Station - Jomokogen Station (the earliest diamond)

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