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Kyoto / Kyoto Station

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First experience the sensation of flying!

It was the first to experience a paraglider!
On the day in fine weather, was the outdoor experience weather!

First, in response to the lecture, emergency first flight.
Although it was learned the moment that flew in the sky was impatience would do blown away from a stretch head, alright? landing.
Surprised to comfortably that exceeded the feeling that had expected!
Also over that I thought I want to be better to experience, practice.

  • 4.5
Join date: March 2015
Paragliding was fun!

At first, I was worried that I could do it, but I kindly taught it so I enjoyed my fifth year student's daughter too! I also want to do it again.

  • 5.0
Joined date: August 2017
was fun

参加者は自分一人でした。パラグライダーやハーネス等全て装着しましたが、強風が止まず “ふわり体験” はできませんでした。その代わりコーチが小型のものを出して下さり、パラグライダーが浮かんだり、方向変換したりする原理を教わりました。その後凧上げをするみたいに実際に扱ってみました。
Because there was still time, it was not planned, but was a body board in Hozu. It has been given a long rope to the board, and we swim to a certain extent downstream, we repeat that is pulled back to its original location in the motor. (This speed is quite fast, it was very interesting there is also a thrill.)
On the day of shoes, protector, helmet, wet suit, board, was borrowed all. Since I was not fortunate delicate women, I was very pleased.

  • 4.5
Participation date: October 2016

Instructors are not necessarily tells us firmly, paragliding, or rather both windsurfing experience, seemed to be the only borrowed the rental equipment. But it went only a beginner, windsurfing nobody me with, there were several times in dangerous eye.
It should be asked to decent business.

  • 0.5
Participation date: October 2015
Challenging for people who

We participated in 14 people, but half the number of people is too many paragliding, now in the form of half windsurfing. Since the leaders there is only one person, that Miseru be doing anything on your own, it is directed to those who are challenging spirit.

Because it is also depends on the weather, I what I think, luck of the owner, please try to participate.

Facility guess you might not have a little oriented towards couples and delicate woman.

  • 1.5
Participation date: October 2015