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Yatsugatake Long riding (YATSUGATAKE LONG RIDING)Koyamae Long riding

Yamanashi / Yatsugatake-Kobuchizawa, Kiyosato-Oizumi

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I am very satisfied.

I participated in the second grade of elementary school students who had experienced blanks and experienced only a little bit of experience, but I was relieved to take a light lesson at Baba before departure.
Mr. Oma were also wise, there were no troubles and danger, and the fun time passed quickly.
Everyone of the staff was very nice and friendly, so I enjoyed it with confidence.
Next time I would like to see the seasons other than summer.

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Joined date: August 2017
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Horseback riding experience

Although it was a horse riding experience for a while, have you tell me the basic movement at Baba, and get used to horses after getting accustomed to horses.
Horseback riding experiences while listening to the cry of the sky in the forest made me feel comfortable and enjoyed the mood of the summer vacation!
The guide took a picture of horseback riding experience with photos and movies of the smartphone.
This is a very good memory! It is!
Even after the outside ride was over, I was allowed to touch with a horse that I can not usually do easily, and I was satisfied with it!
Thank you very much for your kind responses to our staff.
I will also ♪ I will

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