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Gallery of Ani Taxi Co., Ltd.
Gallery of Ani Taxi Co., Ltd.

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Please use the Moriyoshiyama tour taxi of "Ani taxi" which is convenient for access to scenic spots!
Akita Kenkita Akita-shi Moriyoshi Prefectural Natural Park neighborhood in, including the Moriyoshi known as the flower of one hundred famous mountains,
It is a region rich in nature, such as the top 100 waterfalls in Japan, such as Anto Falls, the beautiful Todo Gorge and Todo Falls in the primeval forest of beech, and the beautiful Taihei Lake and Komata Gorge in the valley that crosses on a pleasure boat.
I would like to enjoy the beautiful natural to many people, Akita will service the Moriyoshi tour taxi (vans) to be connected to the inland line.
Please use it for your trip to enjoy beautiful nature such as waterfall tour and trekking.

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Authorization issued by Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism /Akita Transport Branch
Member organizations and associations Akita Hire Association
Selling points regarding safety Over the last 30 years no traffic accidents and no traffic violations

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