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Giro21 (Giro 21)Giro21 (Giro 21)

Hokkaido / Sapporo

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Sapporo smelt fishing experience tour. Recommended for Sapporo Stay tourism! Transfer about 30 minutes until the Baratogawa of old Ishikari River oxbow lake of fishing. OK even empty-handed! Smelt not only, fishing is the first of worry people. Program name of "Giro - san" is a naming which was connected with the Giro21 to guide jointly (Giro) a SAN (san).

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It is surprisingly warm with people's enthusiasm inside the tent. Guide is kind, we will support carefully.

I want to taste once in Hokkaido of the silver ware Fishing on the ice.

Even grasping the way of fishing, two horas!

When fishing is over, we recommend tempura to enjoy at the recommended restaurant.


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