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Forest & Water Okutama baseForest and Water octa Ma base

Tokyo / Okutama


Now the hottest outdoor field, Okutama area. Access from the city also is perfect! In the Forest & Water Okutama base has held rafting and a tour of the hydro-speed Tama River. Tama River water is stable throughout the season is the best of the river to swim in a river. Hydro speed is the ultimate feel the flow of the river in the body having a swim in a river! Degree of attention is a river sport of NO.1. Tama River rafting can play from elementary school through the season to adults. Hydro speed is possible participation from more than a junior high school student. Motto of Forest & Water Okutama is "I want to become to love the river" to everyone. Come, let's play together in the Tama River! ! !

フォレスト&ウォーター奥多摩ベース のギャラリー


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