There is a special activity to enjoy Usagi Island and Takehara for a day
There is a special activity to enjoy Usagi Island and Takehara for a day

Takehara City, Hiroshima Prefecture, Okunoshima
Must-see for DOD campers!
Rabbit Island and Takehara To enjoy the day There is a special activity

"Rabbit Island" It's not just that it's covered with rabbits!
Introducing full-scale activities to enjoy Okunoshima and Takehara 100%! !!


Introduction of Takehara and Okunoshima

Do you know where "Rabbit Island" is? ??
About 15 minutes by boat from Tadanoumi Port in Takehara City.
"Okunoshima" is a little west of the Shimanami Kaido, which connects the islands of the Seto Inland Sea. More than 700 wild rabbits live on the island, which is the Setonaikai National Park.
Setonaikai National Park, you can enjoy the changes of nature in each season. On a small island with a circumference of about 4 km, there are beaches, campgrounds, lawn plazas and grounds colored with South Sea plants, and you can eat and stay at Kyukamura Okunoshima, the only accommodation spot on the island. You can also enjoy the hot springs. In addition, more than 700 wild rabbits live on the island, and it is crowded with many tourists throughout the year. )
Also, there is a ship to Okunoshima, Takehara. It is a town that once prospered by making salt. Close to Takehara Port, another port that is the gateway to Okunoshima, the "Townscape Conservation Area", which is famous as "Little Kyoto of Aki", has an atmosphere like a time slip in the Edo period.
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If you go to Okunoshima with much effort
However, "When I go to Okunoshima, I come in contact with the rabbit ... and what else should I do?" There are surprisingly many people who become. That's a waste!
There is plenty of fun not only in the island but also in the surrounding Takehara area.
So this time, we will introduce activities and highlights where you can fully enjoy Okunoshima and Takehara! The activity is for a limited time, so please check it out ♪
Recommend Activity

Recommended activities

[Departure and arrival at Takehara Port] Salt making experience + lunch cruising and walking around Okunoshima

[Departure and arrival at Takehara Port] Salt making experience + lunch cruising and Okunoshima walking half-day tour

■ Let's make super horse salt using the traditional method of Takehara
・ Takehara's town has prospered since ancient times by making salt.
・ Let's make salt at the "flow-down" facility that was once held in Takehara while watching the sea shining in the morning sun.

■ Grip hot rice balls with freshly made salt
・ Let's grab a rice ball for lunch with freshly made salt. Rice cooked with bamboo is exceptionally delicious!
・ For side dishes, we have a lunch box full of local ingredients and produced by "Cha-ryo Ichikai".

■ Take your lunch set and leave for cruising!
・ After making salt, go to Setouchi's spectacular cruising.
・ Lunch time while watching the scenery of Shimanami that can only be seen on board.

■ Let's thoroughly enjoy Rabbit Island
・ After lunch, leave for walking around Okunoshima! !!

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[Departure and arrival at Takehara Port] Takehara Okunoshima Yugure Enjoyment Tour [Yugure Cruise x Original Bamboo Light Making] ]

[Departure and arrival at Takehara Port] Takehara Okunoshima Yugure Enjoyment Tour [Yugure Cruise x Original Bamboo Light Making]

・ At the Takehara event "Shokei no Michi" every autumn, the streets from the Edo period are slightly lit up with bamboo lights, and you can enjoy the romantic scenery. A special plan where you can easily enjoy such bamboo lights. Let's make an original bamboo light!
・ Let's spend a relaxing island time on the twilight Okunoshima during the time when the rabbits show their original appearance at dusk.

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[Okunoshima site] Nature guide and Aruku Okunoshima study tour [Reservation required]

[Okunoshima site] Nature guide and Aruku Okunoshima study tour [Reservation required]

・ If you come to Okunoshima, walk with a nature guide and enjoy the island!
・ Introducing the unexpected side and highlights of "Rabbit Island" through talks about the nature of the island and the unknown ecology of rabbits that can only be heard from the guide.
・ During the tour, we also practice cleanup related to the contents of the guide. The person who picks up the most items will receive a free gift to choose from!

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[Must-see for DOD campers] Empty-handed camp + nature guide to stay in DOD camp gear

[Must-see for DOD campers] Empty-handed camp + nature guide to stay in DOD camp gear

・ How about a camp that is a little different from usual, surrounded by carefully selected gear from the camp brand "DOD", which is very popular with that rabbit logo? Only now, it is a special camp plan only for Okunoshima.
・ Because it's a cold winter, let's enjoy the bonfire with DOD's original bonfire "Mechamoe Fire"!
・ Includes a study tour to get to know the rabbit island!

[Plan contents (1 night with 2 meals)]
・ Meals: (Evening) Hiroshima Beef BBQ (Morning) Outdoor Morning Coffee + Morning Buffet
・ Kyukamura Okunoshima "Seto Onsen" usage fee included
・ With "Nature Guide Toaruku Okunoshima Study Tour"

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Recommend Spot

Okunoshima area recommended spots

Kyukamura Okunoshima

Kyukamura Okunoshima

・ The only accommodation facility on Okunoshima.
・ Let's be healed slowly at "Seto Onsen".
・ "USANCHU Cafe" is on the 1st floor.
The specialty is "soft serve ice cream without rabbits". The local software unique to Usagi Island is a must-try photogenic dessert.
Soft serve ice cream topped with cocoa peanuts. You can enjoy two flavors, vanilla and Campbell Early! Recommended for a break on the adventures of Usagi Island.

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Rabbit sound collector

Rabbit sound collector

-Rabbit ear objects of various sizes like the rabbit family. If you put your head in, you can hear the sound gathered in the sound collector.
Passing through the island, the sound of the wind and the ripples of the sea ... you may feel like a rabbit.

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Manners to interact with rabbits

It is said that it was triggered by the release of eight rabbits that could not be kept in elementary school in 1971. Please understand that it is not bred and it is wild, and treat it with good manners ♪ There are some rules when interacting with rabbits.
Manners to interact with rabbits
Chasing or hugging is NG!
Rabbits are weak animals. Do not chase or hug, as it can be stressful and can be painful and injured.
Manners to interact with rabbits
Be careful where you touch
Do not touch the rabbit on the road, on the side of the road, or in front of the entrance of the building. Also, please be careful about people and rabbits when driving on the island.
Manners to interact with rabbits
Be careful not to touch the mouth of the rabbit
Rabbits have bad teeth and poor eyesight. If you feed it by mouth, you may be bitten and injured.
Manners to interact with rabbits
Don't give human food!
Rabbits can only eat a limited amount. Unlike humans, eating various foods can make you sick.
Manners to interact with rabbits
Don't litter your trash!
Not only can the island be polluted, but the animals that live on the island can eat it and get tangled in the fishing line. In addition, leftover food waste from rabbits has become a serious problem. Please bring back the food that the rabbits couldn't eat.
Recommend Spot

Takehara area recommended spots

Takehara area recommended spots

Machinami Preservation Area

You can feel like you have traveled back in time by walking through the streets of the mansions and historic temples that flourished in salt and sake brewing.

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Takehara area recommended spots

Fujii Shuzo Sake Brewery Exchange Center

・ A shop run by Fujii Sake Brewery, a sake brewery that represents Takehara, known as "Ryusei".
・ A quaint space that has been renovated from a 250-year-old sake brewery.
・ Not only Fujii Sake Brewery's sake, but also tableware such as bowls and chopstick rests purchased under the concept of "enjoying with sake" are lined up.

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Takehara area recommended spots

Machinami Takekobo

・ Bamboo work, a traditional craft unique to the town of bamboo. All the bamboo works on sale are handmade at the workshop.
・ You can also experience making bamboo work. Let's make an original bamboo basket and windmill

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Takehara area recommended spots

Charyo Ichikai

・ A Japanese-style cafe that has been renovated from the "former Isobe Residence" that is over 100 years old.
・ Enjoy freshly ground coffee, green tea and sweets in a quaint space.
・ We recommend "Tips Ice" with the accent of Fujii Sake Brewery's sake. A little mature taste.
・ There is also a drink comparison set of Takehara's 3 breweries <Fujii Sake Brewery, Nakao Sake Brewery, Taketsuru Sake Brewery>.

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Takehara area recommended spots


・ A decentralized hotel consisting of the HOTEI building for reception and dining, the MOSO building for accommodation, and the KIKKO building.
・ Enjoy a luxurious healing space that feels like you live in the historic town of Takehara.
・ There are 10 guest rooms, including a renovated guest room for rent.
・ Lunch can be enjoyed by non-guests at the restaurant "Luang".

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Tour base, Access to Takehara Port

By public transport

From Hiroshima Station
High-speed bus (about 1 hour and 10 minutes): Take the Kaguya Hime (get off at Takehara Ferry Port) recommendation!
Train: JR Takehara Station ➡ Geiyo Bus Ferry (Takehara Station-Nakadori Line: about 10 minutes) Get off at "Ferry Mae"

In a private car
・ Approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes from Hiroshima city
・ Approximately 30 minutes from Kochi IC (nearest)

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Guidelines for COVID19

About our guidelines and correspondence regarding the new coronavirus (COVID-19)

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  • Instructors and participants keep a sufficient distance
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How to enjoy new activities in the after / with corona era

How to enjoy new activities in the after / with corona era
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