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【Guide history 25 years】 Guru "Shocky" Great adventure of Ichioshi 1-day adventure plan
East coast course Experience the wild road without a road!
Terra Works (Terra Works)

[Okinawa east coast, Kayo course] enjoy the Okinawa wilderness! Master guide of Wild tour!

プランID:77Terra Works (Terra Works)
13,000yen~​ ​(tax included)

Sea kayak orSUP of course, snorkeling, Takiasobi, trekking and, eyes full of the real thrill of Kayo course that can enjoy. Greedy and "also this is also there" (?) That is to you should you are able to satisfy you also.

West Coast Course Elegant activity experience!
Terra Works (Terra Works)

Enjoy nature of Okinawa [Okinawa west coast, Sesoko course] resort feeling! Gracefully activity experience!

プランID:79Terra Works (Terra Works)
13,000yen~​ ​(tax included)

Very blue waters of the west coast. Cruising is recommended in the SUP! Let's challenge to be paddling with a paddle standing on a dedicated board. It is clear beautiful sea walk. I feel the wind, let's watch the waves. You can also snorkel in point. You can also surf in the state on the day of the high tide time and waves. Because the whole body movement, while having fun, Inner will also be trained effect.

Children under 12 years old for both courses are ¥ 8,000

【Onna village】 Recommended for families with small children! Beach play with a local islander on a hideaway beach
Children's lifelong memories!
Benefits:With dialect learning by islanders!
Yanbaru weather

Recommended for [Okinawa headquarters] for families with small children! Beach play in the hideaway beach together with the local islanders

プランID:12563Yanbaru weather
3,800yen~​ ​(tax included)

A vacation experience plan that you can play with confidence in families with children on the beach in Onna village. Furthermore, with a local islander, you can have crab picking and coral collecting with a dialect, and you can have a program to experience old fun! Children who can not swim will also touch fish with "boxes glasses"!

【Headquarters】 Moly thrust experience with night snorkeling! You can taste fish at the Okinawa restaurant!
How to enjoy a different flavor of the night in Okinawa!
Benefits:Book a set of Okinawa restaurants that will cook the captured fish!

【Sense】 Play with marine activities! Even better at set!
Benefits:Picture data can be purchased from 2,000 yen to 1,000 yen!
X-TRIP (X trip)

[Okinawa northern area / Nago / headquarters / Sesoko Island] Enjoy the feel like a bird! Smile parasailing

プランID:11710X-TRIP (X trip)
7,000yen~​ ​(tax included)

White sandy beaches and blue with a transparent-grabbing of the sea, enjoy the feel like a bird in a parasailing! Sea view from the high sky is very beautiful and inspiring! 3-dimensional is 360 ℃ plan!

X-TRIP (X trip)

[Okinawa northern area / Nago / headquarters / Sesoko Island] the best of marine activity! Fly board experience (30 minutes)

プランID:358X-TRIP (X trip)
7,500yen~​ ​(tax included)

From France, the best of marine activity appeared! You can float in the air in the water flow connecting the watercraft. We lift by injecting water into for down from the skateboard like a board. Introduction can not even stand not balanced, but you will be able to stand on the surface of the water to understand the tips and went five minutes. Challenge to move 2m emerged from 1 Kitara further accustomed about 5 minutes! Inspiring for the first time of experience to airborne on the water!

Even better at set experience!
X-TRIP (X trip)

[Okinawa northern area / Nago / headquarters / Sesoko Island] to the more high sky! Fly board experience course & parasailing experience

プランID:772X-TRIP (X trip)
13,000yen~​ ​(tax included)

Anyone feel free to challenge can marine activity has landed from France! Amazing experience to enjoy the airborne in the jet stream has is right now can you be! After you experience the fly board, parasailing can taste the excitement to see the beautiful sea from the high sky! In the three-dimensional solid 360 ℃ plan Feel plan that can challenge. It is recommended for those who want to enjoy to the full extent from the classic sea play up to the latest ones!

X-TRIP (X trip)

[Okinawa northern area / Nago / headquarters / Sesoko Island fly-board experience and parasailing & pounding Marine Pack 3

プランID:777X-TRIP (X trip)
17,000yen~​ ​(tax included)

Anyone feel free to challenge can marine activity has landed from France! Amazing experience to enjoy the airborne in the jet stream has is right now can you be! After you experience the fly board, parasailing and taste the excitement to see the beautiful sea from the high sky, is also greedy plan to enjoy banana boat Super Marble watercraft.

【Miyakojima】 SUP & Sea Turtle Snorkel Enjoy both greedy plans!
Turtle encounter rate 90%
Benefits:14,700 yen at reservation from this site ⇒12,000 yen
GRAT! S! SUP (Gratz Sapp)

【沖縄・宮古島】人気NO.1!SUP + ウミガメシュノーケリング・フォトツアー (半日コース)

プランID:11493GRAT! S! SUP (Gratz Sapp)
14,500yen12,000yen~​ ​(tax included)
Special Deals

大人気のSUPとウミガメと泳げるスペシャルメニュー!! 透明度抜群のビーチで夢のような体験☆ ウミガメ遭遇率は、なんと90%以上! スタッフ全員が赤十字水難救助員、少人数制(SUP/最大6名)でのツアーも安心です。

【Ishigakijima】 Latest Activity "Sub Wing"!
Only the latest activity of here on Ishigaki-jima!
Children (elementary school student or less) 7,000 yen

[Nakagusuku] walking in the air while watching coral reef view with motor paraglider!
Only air here in Okinawa!

[Okinawa Nakagusuku] motor paraglider scenic flights

10,000yen9,000yen~​ ​(tax included)
Special Deals

You can look at the sea of ​​the coral reefs of Okinawa from the 200m sky. 1 flights all year round, but you can see the sea turtles and rays are depending on the season. You can also join us towards the wheelchair.

Child (3 to 6 years old) 7,000 yen

【Ginowan】 Snorkeling with whale shark and cavern in blue cave
You can see a huge whale shark up close!
Cerulean blue (Cerulean Blue OKINAWA)

[Cave of blue] will swim with Jinbei! Blue Cave also enjoy snorkeling tour

プランID:965Cerulean blue (Cerulean Blue OKINAWA)
10,000yen~​ ​(tax included)

I moved from Yomiya by boat to the Jinbei point (Ikezu) about 800 m off the coast. Snorkel near the world's largest fish, the whale shark! An exciting experience to be watched from directly above is waiting! You can also enjoy snorkeling at Okinawa's popular spot "Blue Cave", a luxury plan!

【Chatan] Romantic sunset cruise! & Marina BBQ
Recommended for couples families!
Benefits:Seafood restaurant Haiku Full menu with 10% discount coupon!

【Yomitan village】 Sunset Sekayak & Umihotaru Snorkel
How to enjoy a different flavor of the night in Okinawa!
Benefits:300 yen OFF by reservation up to 15 days ago!
B-nature (Bee Nature)

[Okinawa Kunigami-gun] Night greedy plan! Sunset sea kayak & snorkel Umihotaru

プランID:10024B-nature (Bee Nature)
9,000yen~​ ​(tax included)

It is recommended plan in human periods of low over the night from the evening can enjoy Okinawa little bit different nature.

【Naha】 Even children can experience! Pottery experience using red soil of Okinawa!
Even after arrival! Even before going home! !
Benefits:Every minibar will be gifted until the reservation made in July 2016!

【Onna village】 15 minutes of experience time! Blown glass experience
During tourism!
Handmade Ryukyu glass workshop Okinawa craft villages

[Okinawa Yomitan] experience time of 15 minutes! Let's make Okinawa Ryukyu glass! Glassblowing experience

プランID:12566Handmade Ryukyu glass workshop Okinawa craft villages
2,700yen~​ ​(tax included)

Also recommended after the marine activity! A full-fledged studio, you can blow glass experience! It is also ideal for souvenir!

Based on Ikada private island floating on the 1st day sea with BBQ!
Recommended group! Luxury plan!
Benefits:The exclusive staff is fully reserved for 1 day concierge & family and friends!
Yanbaru weather

[Okinawa headquarters] float one day sea spree with a BBQ a private island in base

プランID:12564Yanbaru weather
98,000yen~​ ​(tax included)

Based on the big icada floating in the ocean of the emerald green, snorkel, kayak, fly fishing as much as you want! There is also a hideaway beach nearby where you can only enter from the ocean, so let's have a luxurious moment! BBQ fish caught on the spot! It is! With exclusive staff! Let's spend luxurious hours of reality with important partners! It is!

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