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I came and came it came! ! The northernmost ground is also a season full of activity ~. In the spring and summer of 2016 I gathered the recommended experience plan of activities I would like to do absolutely in Hokkaido! ! Let's do activities here! Hokkaido edition It is │ │ · ω · | ゞ

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Sapporo · Otaru · Niseko / Noboribetsu · Hidaka · Chitose
Asahikawa Furano
Obihiro Tokachi / Kushiro, Abashiri, Shiretoko / Hakodate

Sapporo · Otaru · Niseko
Horse trekking
Horse trekking Hokkaido

[Hokkaido Eniwa] trying to enjoy nature in Hokkaido in the riding! Horse trekking experience [2 hours]

プランID:11335Horse trekking Hokkaido
10,000yen~(tax included)

In the horse trekking plan, we will correspond from beginner to advanced. At the beginning from lessons for beginners, it will select a course that was in workmanship. The kindness of Hokkaido of four seasons of beauty and the horse, Why do not you been Omoikkiri healed? Because there from New Chitose Airport to the location of about 30 minutes, you can feel free to come. ※ Free You can pick-up when it was up to 4 people.

MTB (mountain bike)

Noboribetsu · Hidaka · Chitose
Clear kayak
Nature Activity Center Ocean Days

【Summer】 Clear Kayak Tour 【Hokkaido · Chitose City Lake Shikotsu】

プランID:11179Nature Activity Center Ocean Days
7,000yen~(tax included)

Shikotsuko Transparency preeminent lake of Hokkaido. Bottom has is visible clearly to the terrain and the large stones of the fish and the lake bottom in the clear kayak! While tasting a strange sense of whether an in if he above the water of the, let's go out to leisurely kayak cruising ♪


Asahikawa Furano
Guidelines Outdoor Club

【Hokkaido · South Furano】 Seesawarapuchi Rafting ☆ Tour with photos gifts ☆

プランID:19Guidelines Outdoor Club
6,200yen~(tax included)

【北海道胆振東部地震について】 ツアーを行っている南富良野町・富良野市は幸いなことに被害はなく、地震当日からツアーを開催して おります。安心してご参加下さい。 ラフティングとは、特殊強化ゴムでできたラフトボートに乗りこみ、プロガイドと一緒にみんなで力を 合わせて川を下るアドベンチャースポーツ。 自然豊かな景色と川の透明度(水の綺麗さ)は日本でもトップクラスの「シーソラプチ川(7~8km のコース)」を1時間半ほど遊びながら下っていきます。途中には迫力のある波が連続するポイントや 落差(落ち込み)のあるポイントも! みんなで力を合わせて漕いでクリアしよう!! 穏やかなポイントでは川の流れに身をまかせて浮かんでみたり、岩の上から川にジャンプしてみたり (増水時はできません)…​大人の方もお子様も自然と笑顔になれる!それがアウトドアの魅力です☆ 春の激流から夏の清流、秋の紅葉まで楽しみ方は四季それぞれ。4月~5月は雪解けの影響で川の水が 増えるので激しめ!アクティブなラフティングが体験できます!!

MTB (mountain bike)
Nayoro San pillar Youth Hostel

What's Hokkaido wilderness in [Hokkaido Nayoro] mountain bike! ★ 5000 yen course ★

プランID:8491Nayoro San pillar Youth Hostel
5,000yen~(tax included)

Please choose from three courses of "Shimokawa walk course", "Sagara walk course", "Miyuko Pass course". If you stay, it will be half of the stated fee! If you wish, please contact us separately.

Obihiro Tokachi
TOM Tokachi Outdoor Mates

[Hokkaido Tokachi River] rafting-half-day course (W rafting)

プランID:253TOM Tokachi Outdoor Mates
4,860yen~(tax included)

It is a challenge course that rows down towards big rocks and powerful waves. Those who wish thrilling rafting are here is recommended. 【Limited time offer】 We will present tour image CD-R with participation by May 31!

TOM Tokachi Outdoor Mates

[Hokkaido Tokachi] twilight canoe experience (1 hour)

プランID:333TOM Tokachi Outdoor Mates
2,430yen~(tax included)

Evening is a 1-hour course of a walk leisurely on the lake in the Canadian canoe.

Kushiro, Abashiri, Shiretoko
Trekking (climbing / hiking)
First ascent Shiretoko (First Ascent Shiretoko)

【Hokkaido · Shiretoko】 Trekking World Natural Heritage Shiretoko / Shiretoko Goko Guide Walking Period May 10 - July 31

プランID:12302First ascent Shiretoko (First Ascent Shiretoko)
4,500yen~(tax included)

A scenic spot representing the Shiretoko of the World Natural Heritage Site, Shiretoko-gori. On this tour, you will enjoy the beautiful scenery of the five small lakes and the Shiretoko mountains and introduce the charm of Shiretoko's nature with a natural guide fun and safe.


Segway tours in Onuma Hakodate (Segway Japan)

[Hokkaido Hakodate] search in the near future of the vehicle! Segway nature experience tour [2 hours and 30 minutes]

プランID:7080Segway tours in Onuma Hakodate (Segway Japan)
9,000yen~(tax included)

Take a walk in the majestic Onuma nature with a nature guide on a nearby future ride "Segway". First of all, if you learn the basic operation of Segway with a one hour ride course, you will leave the tour with a nature guide familiarizing the field's pleasure! There is a mountain valley, there is a grassland · · Changing rich attractive about 5 km trail. Let's enjoy the magnificent natural environment with the excitement of Segway!

Hakodate Onuma Neverland

[Hokkaido Hakodate] Beginners welcome ☆ popular Canadian canoe tour (Sunset course)

プランID:10595Hakodate Onuma Neverland
5,000yen~(tax included)

A Some of the beautiful scenery of Hakodate, is "Canadian canoe" Sunset course where you can enjoy while moving slowly. Do you see a wild bird or see Mizuhana, either longitudinal or transverse to the lake, set by the professional guide the day most of the course. So you can enjoy from small children to those of our elderly, please feel free to join us.

Please contact us immediately before reservation · group etc
Activities Japan Support Center
03-6862-7344 Hours 10:00 ~ 17:00

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