2015 Early summer rafting final decision Kansai · Tokai Hen edition

Finally, introduction of the rafting area of ​​Kansai / Tokai

The Kansai regionHozugawa, Tokai regionKiso River, Nagara River,FujikawaI recommend.

I think that some people think that "the summer when the water temperature of the river rises also is the best season for rafting"

There is a reason for Activity Japan to introduce rafting from this time.

Because it is!

Because the amount of water in the river is large

Since it is important, I will say many times.

It is no exaggeration to say that "the pleasure of rafting is proportional to the amount of river water".

By rafting in early summer rivers, we will make the enjoyment of rafting deeper.

Kansai · Hozu River rafting information

Rafting in Hozugawa is introduced in Activity Japan as being popular among women, but it also has aspects such as being able to enjoy it with a set with Arashiyama and Kyoto sightseeing.

It is an activity that is also a purpose to unite and enjoy with friends, so how about enjoying a group challenge with everyone who became newcomers in the spring?

Editor's department Recommended Hozugawa Rafting Plan

Glitter rafting

[Kyoto Hozu] participation from 1 grade OK! Leisurely rafting tour (10:30 start)

プランID:273Glitter rafting
5,000yen~​ ​(tax included)

And beautiful nature, mesmerizing moment to powerful Hozu. Kinki, Speaking of easy naturally can enjoy spot in the Kansai area, is Hozu Kyoto. Notch on the rafting tour that glitter proposed rafting, "Kyoto Hozu leisurely rafting tour".

Tokai · Kisogawa & Nagara river rafting information

Next we will introduce rafting at the Kisogawa & Nagara river in the Tokai region

It is possible to enjoy relatively long range rides that you can enjoy from Gifu Prefecture to Aichi Prefecture.

Depending on the plan, there are things to be held after July, so please participate in advance after confirming.

Editor's Department Recommended Kisogawa & Nagaragawa Rafting Plan

YHA rafting

[Aichi Inuyama] enjoy good access ♪ 1 year from Nagoya! Kiso River rafting [morning / afternoon course]

プランID:1904YHA rafting
9,000yen8,550yen~​ ​(tax included)
Special Deals

Kiso River rafting course, enjoy all year round, from the standpoint of access for close from Nagoya, feel free to go rafting point. Course down the 10Km from Gifu Prefecture Minokamo of Ota Bridge to Momotaro Port of Aichi Prefecture Inuyama City, the middle is also designated as a "Hida Kiso River National Park" and the Agency for Cultural Affairs of the scenic spot "Kiso", of one of Japan's eight scenic spots " This course of Japan line down. "

WWC rafting

[Gifu / Minokamo-Gujo] torrent thrilling down! Enjoy rafting on the Nagara River! (Half-day course)

プランID:4892WWC rafting
7,500yen~​ ​(tax included)

Guide and everyone gets down the Nagara River joined forces together. A lot of discovery and a lot of memories is a guarantee that can make!


[Gifu Gujo Hachiman Nagara] inexperienced beginner welcome happily play rafting tour AM course the Nagara River

7,000yen~​ ​(tax included)

We will go down the Nagaragawa River together with the guide together. It is a guarantee that you can make lots of discoveries and many memories! ※ This will be a course to finish in the morning.

TRIPPER (Tripper)

[Gifu] exhausted play the Nagara River! Rafting enjoy one day course

プランID:1049TRIPPER (Tripper)
12,000yen~​ ​(tax included)

By far one day course is recommended for those who want to play exhausted thoroughly. Violently river rafting, river surfing, wheelie, sound of smth. Floating experience, diving, boat slides, crazy play etc. Spend a happy day!

Fuji River rafting information

Fuji River flowing from Yamanashi to Shizuoka decorate birds of rafting information

Fujikawa has only 3 major torrents in Japan and many torrent points are full

The plan to recommend this time is also a half-day plan, but you can enjoy rich full-course rafting experience.

Editor's department Recommended Fuji River rafting plan


[Shizuoka Fujikawa] rafting tour (AM / PM half-day course)

7,200yen~​ ​(tax included)

Fujikawa book course full rich in minerals of Minami Alps About 5 km in length. It is a very fulfilling course that the contents are very fulfilling, such as swimming and jumping in the stadium and playing with the boat at the six places where the crew, which is said to be difficult, has won.

Rainbow Club (Rainbow Club)

[Shizuoka Fuji] Fujikawa rafting tour (about 2 hours)

プランID:5733Rainbow Club (Rainbow Club)
7,200yen~​ ​(tax included)

Rainbow club owner has 20 years' guide experience. Let's enjoy the thrill in the beautiful Fuji River while looking at Mount Fuji! Fujikawa has an exciting flow and beautiful scenery, and it is a river that can be enjoyed even by families or those who want to challenge thrill. Why do not you jump into the river while you descend, leave yourself to the river flow, or talk to the guide while taking a leisurely view with the boat?


[Yamanashi Fujikawa] rafting experience in Japan's three major torrent! Half-day course

6,700yen~​ ​(tax included)

Takes about three and a half hours, it is a tour that you can enjoy plenty of rafting even half a day! ※ 4 ~ 9 months of the morning, 2 course of the afternoon, 10 to November will be held in one course of the morning.

Of course it's fun rafting done in the summer.

To everyone viewing Activity Japan "Rafting in early summer is more fun"

I am glad that this is conveyed in this special feature.

Why is fun rafting in early summer? I think that everyone who has watched this far has been transmitted. Please enjoy the early summer rafting at Activity Japan.