Finally the season starts! ! Rafting special feature on Kyushu · Rumikawa River and Shikoku · Yoshino River

The season of rafting has arrived!

Along with the arrival of spring, the waiting rafting season has started.
That's right, it's still a bit cold early spring, but I can start rafting in the order from the south!

So this time we are introducing the rafting information of the two major spots in the west, the Kumamoto River in Kyushu Kumamoto and the Yoshino River in Shikoku, among the areas representing the Japanese rafting spots.
If you are an outdoor fan, the major area of ​​domestic rafting, which you want to challenge once already, the season will start from the middle of March!
Tamagawa river and Yoshino river. Which do you prefer to challenge? Everyone who uses activity Japan wants to challenge anything!


Rafting is an activity that can be said to be the king of the river.
It has a helmet and a life jacket, it has a paddle, rides on a raft made of reinforced rubber called raft, and it is a river descending in a torrent!

About 5 to 8 people ride in one raft.
One or two River Guide 's roles in this member will be the fate community and challenge the torrent.
Not only is it riding but the fun of rafting.
Rivering is a sport where everyone is doing paddle work according to the instructions of the guide though rushing is fun with thrill to avoid rocks with skillful rudder control of the ship's head. It is important for all of us to breathe in breath, the exhilaration and the sense of accomplishment are great when we all surpassed the thrill when everyone enters the torrent point!
And it is also the most fun to be able to share this feeling with everyone on board.
Also, the guys are all very nice personality, and it is a point to entertain various things along the way.

Well, you guys are also wanting to do rafting?

So I will introduce the major spots of rafting that can be done right now!

Rumbo River

The Kumagawa River flowing through the Hitoyoshi Basin in the southern part of Kyushu and Kumamoto Prefecture and flowing out of the Yashiro Plain on the west to the sea has cut its forerunners in the whole country in March and the rafting season has started and the amount of water is stable throughout the season Because the season is long, it is characterized by enjoying from early spring to late fall.
This giant river is famous for fishing Ayu but it is counted as one of the three major torrents in Japan and is also known as a rafting site.
By the way, the other two rivers are the Mogami River in Yamagata Prefecture flowing out to the Sea of ​​Japan and Fujikawa flowing from Nagano Prefecture through Yamanashi Prefecture to Shimaoka Prefecture to the Pacific Ocean.
Why do not people who have experienced rafting already try to challenge the Rumikawa river for the three major rapids to win.

Recommended Rafting Plan of Tumagawa River

Adventure Create Shop Compass (Compass)

[Kumamoto Kuma River] Japan's three large torrent! Rafting experience (course afternoon)

プランID:1396Adventure Create Shop Compass (Compass)
6,000yen~​ ​(tax included)

Japan's three major rapids one, rafting in the Kuma River Kumamoto Prefecture! ! Please enjoy the exhilaration down the torrent.

Rafting the Kuma River ABC

BBQ with a plan [B course] in [Kumamoto Kuma River] rafting Kawahara

プランID:1056Rafting the Kuma River ABC
9,200yen~​ ​(tax included)

BBQ at Kawahara is comfortable! Log house lover staff (beard) worked hard ♪ Delicious and reputable meat, healthy vegetables, rice balls and green tea are set. ※ Non-alcohol, juice etc is free to bring (alcohol is NG).

Kuma River rafting club

[Kumamoto Prefecture / Kuma] rafting tour with a hot spring in all-you-can-eat barbecue! (8 hour course)

プランID:3243Kuma River rafting club
9,800yen~​ ​(tax included)

It is a plan to enjoy rafting on the Kumamoto Rumikawa river in Japan's three major torrents over a day. Lunch is a barbecue of charcoal fire grilled meat, all you can eat meat and rice balls (free drinks). Apart from rafting, there are plenty of fun such as being hit by a waterfall, climbing a cliff, jumping out of a rocky place. After enjoying playing, you can relax in the hot spring as it is.

Kuma River rafting Happy Surprise

One of the Kumamoto Kuma River] Japan's three major rapids! Rafting experience with the Kuma River (PM course)

プランID:150Kuma River rafting Happy Surprise
7,000yen~​ ​(tax included)

This course is from lunch. Mainly go to the most downstream in the rafting of the Kuma River in the rapids center. There is no satisfaction mistake can experience a variety of attractions (* ^^) v

Yoshino River rafting

The Yoshinogawa flowing into the Kii Channel from Tokonoshima prefecture in the center of Shikoku, passing through Miyoshi City, etc. through Tokujima Prefecture from Oocho Town to the west side and flowing to Kii Channel between the Tokushima Prefecture and Wakayama Prefecture.
This river is famous as a rampant river so-called Shikoku Saburo, and the valley beauty such as Oshkeko Koboke in Tokushima Prefecture is also very famous, but it is also famous as the home of rafting and its season starts from April.
By the way there is a brother to be called Saburo, so the Tonegawa flowing through the Kanto plain is Taro Bando, Chikugo River flowing through the Chikushi plain from Aso in the northern part of Kyushu is called Chikushi Jiro.
Both Oboke gorge and Kobo gorge are spectacular scenery and sightseeing ship passes. Also, you can see how many carp streamers swim above the river by the end of the day.

Why do not you try challenging once in a rafting home like that?

Recommended rafting plan for Yoshinogawa

Water play! Galvanzo Co., Ltd. Riverland Plus

[Shikoku Yoshino] exhilarating! Half-day rafting

プランID:190Water play! Galvanzo Co., Ltd. Riverland Plus
5,500yen~​ ​(tax included)


Forest & Water Yoshino base

2017 The world took notice! 【Kochi / Yoshino River】 Rafting experience (1 day course) Including lunch ★

プランID:539Forest & Water Yoshino base
10,000yen~​ ​(tax included)

In October 2017, the rafting world competition was held at the torrent Yoshinogawa, Japan's best, and it ended in great success! Why do not you try rafting together in such a Yoshino River? I can go down the same course as the world convention. Waves approaching the white splash of water, cheers that echoes in the valley after the continuous incessant torrent! scream? A rafting tour course of 9 km in length down the valley of Koboke (Koboke) valley of Japan's largest torrent section. Because it is a volume full bento lunch / tea, I can play plenty for a full day ♪


[Shikoku Yoshino Koboke] Yoshino River rafting day course (slowly 11 o'clock start!)

11,000yen~​ ​(tax included)

【ゆっくり集合!たっぷりラフティング!】 朝早い集合がちょっと、、、という方の為に11時集合の小歩危ツアー! 半日コースじゃないですよ! 下るコースは1日コースと同じ!! ゆっくり集合でたっぷりラフティングを楽しみましょう!! ★お得な割引き期間もたくさん★ ・夏まで割(4/1~7/8):9,000円 ・連休最終日割引(7/16、8/19、9/17):9,000円 ・10月特割(10/1~10/31):9,000円 ※通常価格: 月~金:11,000円 土日祝:12,000円 ※お盆期間(8/11~8/18)は料金が上がります:13,000円

HappyRaft (Happy raft)

[Shikoku Kochi] Japan's leading torrent! Yoshino River rafting tour (half day course)

プランID:3659HappyRaft (Happy raft)
5,500yen~​ ​(tax included)

Toyonaga course of the whole journey four kilometers is torrent is jammed in a compact, half-day rafting course of Japan's leading. River attraction continued from the next to the next. Fun in a compact course is full jammed tour even half a day you can enjoy plenty rafting.

LuckyRaft (Lucky raft)


プランID:204LuckyRaft (Lucky raft)
6,000yen~​ ​(tax included)

Family course, you can leisurely rafting in the family about 5 km ride to the basin a rafting boat on the Yoshino River Shikoku.