The cherry blossom season has arrived! Activities in Ohanami & Spring

Commentary: Takayuki Ide


Beautiful cherry blossoming the spring of Japan

As spring begins, long Japanese archipelago is cherry blossoms for almost 2 months from south to north.
Finally, it's a cherry blossom season!

I encounter cherry blossoms for a long time.
Cherry blossoms sometimes start to fall off in full bloom in just one day. In addition, flowering time is often quite different depending on year. It is not necessarily the case that we can meet cherry blossoms if we go, is not it also the fascination of cherry blossoms?

This time, along with information on cherry blossoms in various places, from the wonderful cherry-blossom viewing plan where activities can be seen while watching cherry blossoms, until the cherry blossoms blooming spot near the activity spot,
Activities Japan Recommended cherry blossom plan will be introduced along the Sakura Front line from Yakushima in the south to Hokkaido in the north.

Shooting group Taka that keeps taking cherry blossoms for many years · It is with photograph one point explanation of Ide.

Cherry blossoms at Kagoshima Yakushima Shiratani cloud sanctuary

Photo courtesy: Yakushima guide Mountain lover

Yakushima is located in the Osumi Islands in Kagoshima Prefecture, which is famous as a World Heritage Site, is famous for its vertical distribution including Yaku cedar, but in spring the cherry blossoms actually bloom.

It is a longing for Yakushima that I want to go trekking once
In the Shiratani Cloud Water Gorge which is also famous as the Princess Mononoke Princess, from the ancient rock which is further climbed from the mossu forest, when the spring (from the middle of March to the beginning of April) comes, the trees' green and the pink color of the mountain cherry intersect You can wish for.

one point!
The point of shooting the mountain cherry blossoms in the trees with a distant view, the three-dimensional feeling comes out from the oblique light in the morning and evening (the sunlight from the diagonal).

Trekking plan where you can see the mountain cherry trees of Yakushima

Yakushima guide club


プランID:400Yakushima guide club
9,000yen~​ ​(tax included)

Shiratani cloud water over the Gorges course about seven hours, through the forest of Mononoke that I have to enjoy nature leisurely, Aim the final destination of the drum rock. It will be quickly gone Nante 1 day!

Cherry blossoms and activities of Shizuoka · Izu Kano River

As a cherry blossom spot in Shizuoka prefecture, Izukogen's cherry blossom trees and Sunpu castle park are familiar.
In Kawazu town of Higashi Izu, Kawazu cherry blossoms are also famous as early blooming cherry blossoms that will be in full bloom from the middle of February to the end of February.

In temperate Shizuoka, the early blooming of Yoshino cherry tree begins sooner, at the same time as Kochi or at the same time as that in Kochi, the cherry blossoms are about to be seen from the end of March from the end of March one time earlier than Tokyo.

A kayak plan where you can see the cherry blossoms along the river from the Izu-Kano River

The cherry blossom trees of Kano River park blooming along the Kano River in Izunokuni, Nakaizu, are also superb. Cherry blossoms seen from the top of the river are also a bit different and nice. You can see it in late March of the year.

one point!
Let's walk along the cherry blossom trees after doing kayaks at the Kano River. If there is no cloud there is a place where Mt. Fuji can be seen beyond the cherry blossoms. You can put Mt. Fuji and cherry blossom together if you can see it in telephoto.

Kayakkutapa Nature School

【Shizuoka / Izu / Nagaoka】 Beginners welcome ♪ Izu River Kayak experience watching Mt. Fuji 【Morning / Afternoon】

プランID:266Kayakkutapa Nature School
6,500yen~​ ​(tax included)

If you are a couple, family and Izu outdoor experience, how about a river kayak experience at Mecca "Kano River" of Izu nature experience? Ibuki's only river kayak special guide, Tapa (guide history 30 years) will guide you

Cherry blossoms in Arakawa, Tokyo

Speaking of cherry blossoms in Tokyo, there are a lot of cherry blossoms in downtown Tokyo as well as Ueno Park, which has a standard tree of cherry blossoms blooming, and Chidorigafuchi and Inokashira Park, which are the moats of the Imperial Palace.
Shinjuku Gyoen that has many kinds of cherry blossoms of various cultivars, Rokugien with branched cherry blossoms, etc. begin to bloom earliest in Tokyo, and Soy Yoshino is also able to be seen in late March in the year. Actually, Tokyo is also the earliest cherry blossom blooming in the whole country. In addition, Okutama Lake which is the mountain area is also a cherry-blossom landmark, it blooms from early April to late April behind the city center, so you can enjoy cherry blossoms for a relatively long period of time in Tokyo.

Can see Sakura from Arakawa SUP, canoe tour plan

There is also a cherry-blossom viewing plan that you can enjoy stand-up paddle boards and canoes while watching the cherry blossoms along the river in the Arakawa flowing through Edogawa Ward which is the city center.

one point!
Since SUP can get wet with water, it is good to use waterproof digital camera, GOPRO, waterproof housing and other equipment.

Outdoor Sports Club ZAC (Zach)

[Tokyo, 23 wards] Tokyo Sky Tree canoe tour [Canoe]

プランID:864Outdoor Sports Club ZAC (Zach)
5,500yen~​ ​(tax included)

New urban outdoors to enjoy in Tokyo's 23 wards! Full-fledged canoe in the city center is the canoe tour that you can easily experience. Start maneuvering practice in the spacious river! Once you are comfortable starting to spot that finally see the Tokyo Sky Tree! Is a superb view that can not be seen easily from the top of the Sky Tree is also the river visible from anywhere. Spring is cherry-blossom viewing canoe and fall of while watching the cherry blossoms will be able to enjoy time to time fall foliage canoe and four seasons.

Outdoor Sports Club ZAC (Zach)

[Tokyo, 23 wards] Tokyo SUP experience [stand-up paddle board]

プランID:877Outdoor Sports Club ZAC (Zach)
4,500yen~​ ​(tax included)

A sport of attention now! Stand Up Paddle Board "SUP" How about a SUP experience that you can experience such attention SUP in the city center in a private sense? ZAC is very stable, first using the urban and fashionable I-SUP Firstly sit down and master the boat maneuver gradually, so gradually rain water so also the minimal course content is. People who participate in women or those who are beginners can join us with confidence.

Photo courtesy Outdoor Sports Club ZAC

Cherry blossoms of Kumamoto · Hinnichi Spring River

As for Kumamoto's cherry blossoms there are Kumamoto castle and cherry blossoms in one row of Aso.
Kumamoto Castle, renowned as a residence of Kato Kiyomasa, is known as a cherry blossoming spot and is also counted as one of 100 Japanese cherry blossom spots, and it will be in full bloom from the end of March to the beginning of April.
And, speaking of the activities in Kumamoto Prefecture, it is rafting of the Rumagawa river.

Rafting plan that may be able to see cherry blossoms in the Rumagawa river

The Rumikawa river which is also one of the three major torrents in Japan is a place where rafting is prosperous and the season already begins in March.
Cherry blossoms are blooming along the Ruma river in the end of March, so you may be able to see cherry blossoms while rafting.
As the giant river where the amount of water is stable throughout the year, we recommend rafting in the spring season which does not start crowding.

one point!
It is almost impossible to shoot cherry blossoms while rafting in the torrent of the Rumagawa river, so let's refrain from making tea. After rafting it is recommended to take a walk around the area.

Adventure Create Shop Compass (Compass)

[Kumamoto Kuma River] Japan's three large torrent! Rafting experience (course morning)

プランID:1395Adventure Create Shop Compass (Compass)
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Japan's three major rapids one, rafting in the Kuma River Kumamoto Prefecture! ! Please enjoy the exhilaration down the torrent.

Rafting the Kuma River ABC

[Kumamoto Kuma River] rafting ★ deals ★ all-round plan! [A course]

プランID:1055Rafting the Kuma River ABC
7,200yen~​ ​(tax included)

This cheapness is equivalent to 1DAY course (about 12km)! It is! Compare this with others! It is! This price at 12 km! I could make it so cheap if I eat a meal!

Kuma River rafting Happy Surprise

One of the Kumamoto Kuma River] Japan's three major rapids! Rafting experience with the Kuma River (PM course)

プランID:150Kuma River rafting Happy Surprise
7,000yen~​ ​(tax included)

This course is from lunch. Mainly go to the most downstream in the rafting of the Kuma River in the rapids center. There is no satisfaction mistake can experience a variety of attractions (* ^^) v

Kuma River rafting club

[Kumamoto Prefecture / Kuma] rafting tour with a hot spring in all-you-can-eat barbecue! (8 hour course)

プランID:3243Kuma River rafting club
9,800yen~​ ​(tax included)

It is a plan to enjoy rafting on the Kumamoto Rumikawa river in Japan's three major torrents over a day. Lunch is a barbecue of charcoal fire grilled meat, all you can eat meat and rice balls (free drinks). Apart from rafting, there are plenty of fun such as being hit by a waterfall, climbing a cliff, jumping out of a rocky place. After enjoying playing, you can relax in the hot spring as it is.

Saorita · Nagaoka's cherry tree

As for the cherry blossoms of Saitama, there are Nagaoka 's cherry blossoms tunnel, Kumagaya cherry blossoms, Satoki Honkado Sakurada etc.

Omiya Park and Kumagaya are counted in the 100 campaigns of Japan Cherry Blossoms and will be in full bloom from the end of March to the beginning of April.
Among them, Nagaoka is more slow to flower than the plain, and cherry blossoms can be seen from early April to late.

Speaking of activities in Saitama is, of course, Nagatoro rafting.

Rafting plan seen on the way back and forth from Nagaoka's cherry tree

Located in the upper Arakawa River, Nagaoka is famous for rocky ravines and valley beauty and has been known for a long time since riding but recently it has been popular as a leisure spot that can be easily reached from Tokyo by day trips as it is popular for rafting.
Since the season starts in April, it may go through a cherry blossom tunnel to and from the rafting meeting place to the starting point. It is also recommended to have a cherry-blossom viewing slowly after it is over.

one point!
If you have time before or after starting rafting, please try walking cherry blossoms tunnel by all means. It is also a good idea to aim at the compression effect of the telephoto lens in order to express the thickness of cherry trees blooming in a tunnel shape.

Cherry tree of Hyogo · Kita Harima

The cherry blossoms of Hyogo are famous for national treasures, Himeji Castle and Akashi Park's cherry blossoms.
Himeji Castle, which is also a world heritage, finally retrofitting repairing started in 2009, finally grand opening will be this spring. At the same time cherry blossoms are also blooming so it is expected to be very crowded.
There is activity that you can watch cherry blossoms in Kasai city on the east side of Himeji in such Hyogo prefecture.

Hot air balloon plan seen from the sky of North Harima's cherry

Photo provided by: balloon store

Hyogo ken Kita Harima, Kasai city has Guinness Certified Maruyama Comprehensive Park with the world's largest globes clock, and cherry blossom views such as Ikoi Village Harima, you can see cherry blossoms from the beginning of April to the middle of April.

one point!
In shooting from the sky, if you look directly downward and there are many trees, the shutter speed may be delayed and you may be blurred. As this can not be handled with camera shake correction, it is good to set the ISO sensitivity to increase automatically to increase the shutter speed, or to raise the ISO sensitivity in advance.

Cherry blossoms in Toyama City

Takaoka Old castle park and Matsukawa Park in Toyama City are also selected as 100 Japan Cherry Blossom Festival in Toyama in Hokuriku which is excited by the opening of Hokuriku Shinkansen opening business.

Cherry blossoms backed by the magnificent Tateyama mountain ranges that still have snow are worth seeing because of the superb views of Toyama Prefecture.
Although it seems to be a cold image of Hokuriku, the flowering of cherry blossoms unexpectedly arrives early in the middle of April from the beginning of the year.

E boat plan where you can see cherry blossoms from Tochi shimachigawa

Photo courtesy: Ekoro no Mori

Limited plan to cherry blossom viewing while riding E boat on the river that flows through Ishikura Town, Toyama City.
This year will be held on April 4, 5, 11, 12.

one point!
When you take in the atmosphere of the E boat, let's use a wide angle lens with a wide field angle and a camera strong on wide angle. E It is also recommended to try river and cherry blossoms and Tateyama mountain peak together after enjoying the boat plan.

Tochigi · Fujioka cherry blossoms at Watarase

In Tochigi, there are many tourists from abroad from two Nikko two companies in Nagoya Sangyo Shrine, Nikko Toshogu Shrine, Nikko Sanwaji Temple in Tochigi, but the Nikko Road cherry blossom trees are also included in the 100 cherry blossoms of Japan Cherry blossoms It is also a cherry blossoming spot.
There is also a stunning single cherry tree such as Yamazakura on the iso of Otawara city.

Hot air balloon plan seen from the sky of Fujioka City Watarase cherry tree

Photo provided by: balloon store

Cherry blossoms can be seen from early April to mid April in the vicinity of Watarasese Athletic Park in Fujioka Town, Tochigi City.
There are plans that you can take a walk in the air with a balloon while watching the cherry blossoms.
I think that experience of seeing cherry blossoms from the sky is not easy, so why not try experiencing it all by myself.


[Tochigi Watarase area] experience the "feeling of floating" of the extraordinary! Hot-air balloon free flight course

22,000yen~​ ​(tax included)

Watarase is a free flight course of the Seto area sky. Experience time is about 45 minutes, you can choose from 60 minutes. If you would like to know more of the hot-air balloon You can also be asked to participate until the recovery operations from the assembly.

Cherry blossoms of Gunma and Shimane

As for the cherry blossoms of Gunma, there are stunning cherry blossoms such as Akagi southern Sumoto cherry tree, Numata Castle ruins park, Myogi shrine etc at the foot of Akagi mountain, so the altitude difference from the plain area to the mountain area and the temperature difference there is April You can see cherry blossoms from early to late April.
And when speaking of Guma it is water rafting.
Rafting is particularly popular in the Tone River Basin from Minakami (Mizukami) town to Akagi Village, but cherry blossoms bloom on the water from mid-April to late April.

Rafting plan that may be able to see cherry blossoms on the water from the Tone River

While it is rafting on a drifting stone it is not always possible to see it, but you may be able to see the cherry blossoms blooming near the river.
From mid - April to late April you can see cherry blossoms blooming along the roads of Minakami - machi and along the Tone River. Please look around before and after rafting.

one point!
It is almost impossible to take a picture of cherry blossoms while rafting in the torrent of water, so let's refrain from making tea. After rafting it is recommended to take a walk around the area. It may be possible to copy the cherry blossoms with Tanigawadake with snow.

Nature Navigator Water base

[Gunma, Water] Tonegawa Rafting (half-day course)

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The most popular classic course in rafting water half-day course of Nature navigator tour! Very popular and enjoy doing many times! Around tourism and water hot spring after the rafting, also enjoy, such as a barbecue lots! ※ There is also recommended BBQ pack (yen +1800) and deals accommodation pack! Please tell us at the time of reservation.

Love Outdoor's


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Iruabu Outdoors's water floating (Minakami) rafting is a content that you can enjoy from the bottom of my heart even those who are not good at sports. Let's board the 8-seater rafting boat including qualified guides, cooperate with the team, row the paddle, and overcome the torrents of the Tone River full of thrill and adventure. If you cross the torrent, you can not usually visit, water play at the secret point of Secret.

Forest & Water Water base

[Gunma, water / water] plenty enjoy the beautiful nature! Rafting (half-day course)

プランID:279Forest & Water Water base
7,000yen~​ ​(tax included)

The most popular tour is this! In a stable amount of water throughout the season, there is laughter a beautiful torrent, please enjoy the special time of Yes tears. Below it is above the elementary school students in what year old if there is a healthy, is the best of the river to enjoy comfortably.

Cherry blossoms at Nagano · Lake Nojiri

Shinshu is a place many famous cherry blossoms in Japan as well as Fukushima and Yamanashi.
From southern Shinshu, which is almost the same latitude as Tokyo, to the northern part of the heavy snow area, from the bottom and basin of the river terrace to the mountain foot of the high mountains such as the Japanese Alps, from the beginning of April to early May thanks to the difference in latitude and elevation About a month can see cherry blossoms.

In addition to Takatojo Castle Ruins Park, Matsumoto Castle, Komoro Old Horticulture Garden, there are many old trees such as Aki's Tsunagi Cherry Blossoms and Takayama Village Five Cherry Blossoms.

SUP plan that may see cherry blossoms at Lake Nojiri

In Shinshu, the flowering time of cherry blossoms late in Nojiri Lake in the northern part will be from late April to GW.

one point!
Cherry blossoms are blooming most late in Nagano Prefecture in Kitashinaga. Some trees are blooming from the middle of April, but the average of the year is around late April. Since there are plenty of spectacular cherry blossoms in the town and Iizuna Town next to you, it is a good idea to take a detour after enjoying the stand up paddle board.

UCDi Ukudi paddling school

[Canoe experience in Nagano, Lake Nojiri] beginner training session (half day course)

プランID:3561UCDi Ukudi paddling school
5,800yen~​ ​(tax included)

I have never done a canoe but, I'm a bit curious ~, I'd like to try out something I'd like to experience for the time being, first let's start from here. I will experience the pleasures of canoe while remembering the operation of the first step. It will be able to move to some extent on a half day course. Since it is a unit of training from half a day, please do not hesitate to join us. You will experience canoe's unspeakable = Omosilosa =.

Hokkaido · Hidaka Sakura River Cherry blossoms

Hokkaido is the area where the Sakura Front line reaches the end, cherry blossoms begin to bloom at the latest time and cherry blossoms are in full bloom in May.
The Matsumae Park located at the southern end of Hokkaido and the row of cherry blossoms on twenty intersections in Shinhidaka-cho in the central area are 100 Japanese cherry blossom spots.

SUP plan which may be able to see cherry blossoms along the Hidaka Saru River

Sakura is seen along the Saru River in Hidaka Town located in the central area of ​​Hokkaido, the west side of the Hidaka Mountains, as early as the second half of the Golden Week.
A trip to see cherry blossoms in Hokkaido is also a good thing for the sake of this year's cherry blossoms.

one point!
It may be wet with water at the river SUP, so it is good to use waterproof digital camera, GOPRO, waterproof housing and other equipment.

Bonus · Cherry blossoms in Okinawa

In Okinawa in general, cherry blossoms are cute cherry blossoms with vivid pink petals called Kanhijakura facing downwards, and the representative Yoshino cypress that everyone imagines cherry blossoms in Honshu does not bloom.
Okinawa is said to be caused by the temperate climate, it is not caused by the cold that is necessary for the blooming of cherry blossoms even in winter.

Nago Castle Park in Nago City has been selected as one of the 100 Cherry Blossoms in Japan.
Cold scarlet cherry blossoms in Okinawa will begin to bloom from January and can be seen until around February.

Cherry blossoms are cherry blossoms in Honshu south of Kanto and can be seen from the end of February to around the middle of March as it is a cherry blossom that begins to bloom earlier than Soy Yoshino.

one point!
The point of photographing a cherry-blossoms cherry blossoms is nearly looking up if it is sunny, and bright pink shines in the blue sky when taking a little positive exposure.


This time I tried collecting plans that can enjoy more spring of Japan.
Please also enjoy the activities while you all love cherry blossoms.

Then why do not you think about a fun project that brings together the plus alpha at the cherry-blossom date and, of course, friends and kids to bring out the family's work.

※ Please note that the plan published in this special feature is not necessarily a blank that guaranteed that cherry blossoms can be seen during the activity. Please note that there are cases before cherry blossoms and after the flowers depending on the timing as it describes the flowering time of the year in the text in the text.

Shooting / Writing: Takayuki Ide
I am from Tokyo. After handling demonic reincarnation and persona at the game company Atlas, after retiring through several game producers at Konami, devoting to photographing landscape photographs while traveling nationwide. After that, taking advantage of the different color in the index, he takes charge of the activities related to the activities of Japan and writes photographs and articles. The current love plane (camera) is D4, D800E, F6 and the big Nikon party from long ago.