MTB Special Interview Vol.3 Listening to Mr. Mikoshiba Equipment and Apparel to Enjoy MTB

To Mr. Mikoshiba Yukinobu (Mikoshi Bunko) who is active in various fields in the world of mountain biking as a rider of MTB · Cross Country, various course and race course design, guide etc, A special interview that I heard about the charm of mountain bike.
Vol.3 was equipped with mountain bike equipment and clothes, and Mr. Mikoshiba asked for the chance to ride a bicycle.

MTB image photo cooperation: MTB JAPAN

Editor-in-chief editor (hereinafter, edited):Well then, next time you enjoy mountain biking
For example, who emphasizes wear, dress, for example, what kind of things should be bought, and on the contrary what kind of dress it is not dangerous.
You should equip this as minimum and learn it.
I've heard about that part, like that part.

Mr. Mikoshiba (hereinafter Mikoshiba):Um ... ... looking, it's important!
I think that looking is important in any way.

EditingWell, I would like to do it in cool form!

Mandatory items of MTB

Mikoshiba:Everyone, even me, is a person coming in from a formal occasion,
After all the thing made for it is to make it easy to move.
Naturally it is thought that it is easy to move while thinking about safety.
So, fast players are good in shape, I think that it is very important to imitate the shape of fast players after all.
So, in particular, I think that makers like how to choose their own designs for each person.
The only thing that matters is that it is only this
It is a helmet and a glove.
Even in the case of gloves or summer in the case of mountain biking, I was trying to use something up to the fingertips.
After all it is easy to get injured a lot as a fingertip when you hold hands after all.
So, I will prepare such things.
Helmets are also good for lightening for bicycles.
So, as much as possible in a town, I would like everyone to suffer if there really is.
Because it fits quite a bit at a moment's head, it is quite easy to strike, so even if you are good on such a face, there is a possibility of inconveniencing someone who made a chance, for example. When you have a big injury.
That's why not just running in the mountains but from a place to ride a regular bicycle I think that you would like me to cover the helmets and gloves.
Also, those who would like to do downhill, downhill stuff said earlier are definitely a protector.

EditingIs that a protector for bikes ...?


EditingIf you go to the shop like that ... you can buy it.


EditingThen helmets, gloves. Well if you downhill it is a protector. These three. Required.

Mikoshiba:I agree. Thereafter,
Um, that is when you are looking at the direction of the pedal who is riding a bicycle well, I'm putting something to fix.
So, I certainly fixed and take a ride,
Especially when you cross country you can run pedaling efficiently and you can run safely.
So, I can not get rid of the things I am not used to ...

EditingIt is scary, is it mossy?

Mikoshiba:I also did it (laugh)
But that kind of like that, it is also cool, but it is also cool to use such shoes and pedals,
After all, I am not used to it, the car does not come, I tried it in a safe wide place, I went to the road after smoothly detaching it was possible to mount it, I wish you would go into the mountain think.

EditingOf course it is like that, is it shoes? The merit of wearing mounting type shoes is also very large, is not it?

Mikoshiba:its big.

EditingFor example, when I climbed, I was idle somewhere. The stepping turns smoothly. I guess there is still such a place, right?

Mikoshiba:I agree. I will also use the power of pulling as well as stepping,
When a similar load is always applied, it is difficult for the tire to slip because the load is always constantly applied to the tire.
In addition, even in the descending scene, for example, the foot does not come off the pedal even when it is on an unstable road, it is hard to come off, so you can run well in balance.

EditingIt means that there is no worry about getting out of it. I see…
Well then mountain bike, helmet, gloves, and shoes?

Mikoshiba:Would you be familiar with that binding pedal shoes?
Well I guess this is still a good idea.

Mountain bike's clothing and wear

EditingYes, indeed, then that ... that wear! It was perfect and cool ... is not it?
Ai is OK even if you wear it from a beginner, are not you?

Mikoshiba:No problem? (Lol)
People who are coming in from the dress are ready yet!
Still it is functional.

EditingOh, I see.

Mikoshiba:After all, such things are very ...

EditingIs breathability good ... Or ...?

Mikoshiba:Breathability is also naturally good and I will not stick forever.
Also, there are things like pocket on the back, little things put in.

MTB Recommend item

EditingIn enjoying mountain biking in the mountains, you can also recommend other items that you can recommend, such as goods, for example, that you drink water.
What kind of other items are there?

Mikoshiba:Oh well, that's a road bike something, if you see a motorcycle in the town, you have a bottle in front of the bicycle frame?
Even so, that is mountain bike.
However, as a competition I do not want to release my hands on a rough road surface as much as possible on cross-country or endurance races.
Then, Camelback is backloaded ...

EditingWell, I think it's cool, is not it

Mikoshiba:I think that there are forms that I think is such a cool parent (lol)

Mikoshiba:It is a hydration system.
I hope that if you can use such things by all means, you can run comfortably.

EditingEnjoying such goods is also one of the attractions of mountain bikes ...

Mikoshiba:Yes, That's right.

Rumor that a foot will become fat with bicycle

EditingI think that it is a case worried about by women and other people, but it is said that it is said that rumors say that if you bicycle too much, your feet will become thicker ...
There seems to be women who are concerned about such anxiety, but I think that I should be able to visit about that area for a while.

Mikoshiba:Yes. When I say bicycle ... When I connect with a place like competition ... Racer Racer! It is easy for the image to go to where I am!

EditingI agree!
The image that comes up to you will go there.

Mikoshiba:Bicycle racer, that cool muscularly trained thick muscle foot.
I guess it probably will be imagined there probably ... but I think
That race player is like a very heavy gear (gesture) runs.
You will have such a thick muscle to step on the heavy gear as well.
Since I was doing Mr. Oobuchi instructor, I think that you understand, but thick muscle and thin muscle are also different.
Also in that sense mountain biking and other ... general ... well Road bike something I said earlier, because it makes the kurakuru relatively light gear, there is no worry that such a wind foot will become thick.

Shapeup effect rather than

EditingSlow muscles, red muscles are stimulated and have the effect of shaping up in reverse ...

Mikoshiba:I agree.
This is not a mountain bike, but at the road race it was a big race like Tour de France
As you probably know, when you see the players who are all Atsushi っ て ...

EditingIt is beautiful, is not it!

Mikoshiba:Is not it!
That's why I think that it's going to be a foot like that, I got it by myself "This is the way it feels like"
I wonder if you can turn it comfortably with a light gear.

EditingI agree.
You can not afford that feet like that bicycle racer any more.

Mikoshiba:Oh, that one is impossible.

EditingI do not get ah unless I squat or do my best with heavy gear (lol)

Mikoshiba:I can not help it.

EditingIf it does it will become thicker ...
With a woman's coming, I do not have to worry so much that I'm getting thicker ...

Mikoshiba:I agree

EditingOn the contrary it is better to think in the style of shaping up!

Mikoshiba:I think!

EditingFor women of the world,
It seems to say that, please join the mountain bike by all means.

Mikoshiba:Ne ... In addition, this mountain bike will definitely be exciting once a woman is in attendance!

EditingI'd love to

Mikoshiba:let's do it together!

The trigger to take a bicycle by Mr. Mikoshiba

EditingMr. Miko Shiba's ever ... As a mountain bike was started as a gesture and circumstances,
May I ask a few places like that?

Mikoshiba:I started to mountain biking ... rather than chasing
Would that be the case that started the bicycle before that?

EditingYes, of course.

I longed for Olympic athletes

Mikoshiba:Um ... originally I lived in Hachioji ...
At that time it was around the third year of elementary school
Tokyo Olympic Games, 1964.
The bike race of the Tokyo Olympic Games was held in Hachioji.

EditingOh, I see.

Mikoshiba:It was such a course that I truly will run in front of my parents' house

EditingDid you run along the Koshu Highway?

Mikoshiba:Well, look at running that kind of place ...
At that time I was only watching practical vehicles like bicycles
It was my first time to see bicycles for such sports dedicated to racing closer!
From this place I say cool this is cool and I like bicycles
Um ... I'm talking about New Year 's pocket money, I'm saving a little out of the way Washing a bicycle like that
Is it the time of grade 6 elementary school? You bought it.
So ... it seems that it was quite fast. People are watching something ...
So, there are also bicycle racers nearby, and I was taken to that bicycle racer and there is a race track in Tachikawa

EditingYes, there are.

Mikoshiba:I wonder if the bank of Tachikawa is in elementary school 6th grade ...
I ran for the first time.

EditingWow ~! !
Have you put it in?

Mikoshiba:That's right.

EditingIt is amazing!

Mikoshiba:Brought to the bicycle racers,
Ooh, run here. If you run on such a road like that, Abu! In a way I said it
I was taken along and ran. ...

EditingThere was a nice experience, so I woke up to the bicycle after all ...

To athletics

Mikoshiba:That said ... ... I went into junior high school and started track and field and got away from my bicycle ...
Well, well at high school I do not ride such a bicycle ...

EditingThere is no bicycle section.

Mikoshiba:I, well on land I was praising the results so much

EditingOh, is it!

Mikoshiba:I went to the high school on the track.
Just a bit with that relationship ...

EditingPutting the bicycle in place ...

Mikoshiba:Even though I did it on land, I broke my leg and ended up halfway ...

EditingNo no no

Mikoshiba:Well I guess that the road will deviate a bit for that age.


Mikoshiba:That is why ... that he also got away from the bicycle.

turning point

EditingI see, from what point onwards ...?

Mikoshiba:It's that timing ...
A good or bad thing is a traffic accident.
In a traffic accident, well, I suicidly bombed, but that time ...

EditingIs it a motorcycle? car?

Mikoshiba:It is a car. Well, I can not hear the left ear already. And the eye on the left also has a considerable sight loss ...
In any case the circumstance that I can not go to work properly has continued.
I told you that the weather will not collapse, I will start to crack.
I can not walk straight.
And still one eye ... No, you are closing both eyes, can not stand with one foot.
I feel like I am going.

EditingHaa ... Three half canals or something ...

Mikoshiba:I'm tired.
perfectly. Yes.

EditingOh, I see.
So is it a bicycle?

Mikoshiba:It is a bicycle.
So you still can not run straight if you run in the dark.
It is bright, it seems that you are running straight with that goal, you can not run if it gets dark.

EditingAccording to the circumstances of the accident, was it started?

Bicycle as a rehab

Mikoshiba:Yes. So, there is a certain sports doctor, to say something to exercise
Well for the moment I was walking around the cycling road near my home or jogging.
The road racer passed the other side, and it went through.
So, there is a feeling when I was on a bike in the past (laugh)

EditingMy thought (laugh)

Mikoshiba:Oh, because running around will come pretty well on the knees, the bicycle is more friendly to the body around that.
I also woke up to the bicycle again from the place where the feeling of wanting to ride a bicycle germinated!

EditingOh, it is from there.

Mikoshiba:At the time, mountain biking was also in vogue, but in my head it was more smart road racer,
Well ... the chance of going out to the race was the shop I was visiting.
I had a team.

EditingWell then the bicycle is started, the first from the road ...
It was rehabilitation!
I see

Mikoshiba:So ... I think that some people are being rehabilitated in various ways as well.
I think that it is a good exercise to balance the whole body using whole body, because it thinks that it is good exercise for those who like it.

EditingWell then ... Since it began with a traffic accident after opening it, it is said that it started from thirties.

Mikoshiba:That's right.

EditingI see.
While loading, it was entered into mountain biking that we said that the tricks were mentioned earlier, that mountain road ...

Mikoshiba:I agree.
There is a road team, and those people also use mountain biking for off training as well ...
It was quite exciting for me to become playful practice.
In such a place, I was brought to the point that I started mountain biking.

EditingWell then a little more ... I think that walking now is also done by rehabilitation.
I think that there is a necessity for you to do the initial guidance with a solid guidance after all


EditingIt is said that mountain biking, bicycle such as rehabilitation is ... that it is very effective.
It is good for health.
I see.

EditingInteresting story, thank you for everything.
First of all, while actually receiving guidance from the guide, I want you to experience a lot and I want you to know more about the charm of MTB.

Mr. Mikoshiba, thank you very much for your long interview today.

Mikoshiba:Thank you very much.

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