5 Okinawa & Hokkaido Graduation Trip · Activities to be done on student trips

Graduation trip, if you go Okinawa? Hokkaido?

Speaking of March and April, the season for graduation trips and student travel
Students planning a trip using spring break, carefully select the activities that activity Japan wants to do on graduation trips!
Even the secretary's must-see, those who want a fun option or surprise for a small travel plan for travelers are welcome!

Graduation trip, if you go Okinawa? Hokkaido?
If this season, Okinawa you can also have marine sports such as fly board, whatever it is said, whale watching which we can meet humpback whale is also recommended!
Of course, winter sports unique in winter are fulfilling if it is Hokkaido, but in March this last chance to do various winter activities! Now I can see drift ice.

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Graduation trip · Student travel Activities I would like to do in Okinawa BEST 5!

1st flyboard

Popular on commercials and TVs Flying boards fly in the sky with the explosive water pressure!
Okinawa is the place where the fly board landed the first in Japan, it is no longer a classic activity of Okinawa.
The new sense rising in the air by the jet pressure of jetting jetted from the foot board is unbearable.
Experience the topic activity while tasting the resort feeling in the beautiful sea!

If you are a flyboard experienced person, also challenge the evolutionary latest activity hover board!
Jet injection by water pressure faces the back of the board, the lateral ride like the more surfing and skateboard is powering up.

TV has also featured attention is outstanding. It is definitely an activity to come this year.

2nd place Whale watching

Speaking of Okinawa in winter, whale watching! Towards watching points by dedicated ship, impressive and impressive activities seeing the greatest mammals and whales on Earth closely

Okinawa seas are a large whale, a humpback whale coming to raise children during the winter, it is a world famous whale watching point.
It is until the end of March that you can experience actions of powerful whale whale such as squirting (blow) and big jump (bleaching)!

3 rd motor paraglider

Motor paraglider is equipped with a propeller turning with the engine on the back of the paraglider and flies to the sky even from the flat ground

Veteran pilot both fly in tandem so it is very safe without practice!
The luxurious experiences that you can freely fly through the sky and have beautiful Okinawa sea, sky blueness, coastline green from the sky will remain memorable.

4th place Parasailing

Speaking of parasailing, Okinawa! Speaking of Okinawa Parasailing!
Resort leisure no longer requiring explanation. It's that activity that floats on the sea by being pulled by a motor boat.

An airborne walking date where a fluffy floating feeling is fun is sure to shorten the distance between two people if you fly at a couple!
It is very popular even for girls traveling between girls.

5th Banana Boat

Classic activity of Minami country resort · Banana boat!
Excellent speed feeling by getting on a tube pulled at high speed by jet ski! A thrilling point! If you ride and get excited about everyone, your friends' bonds will deepen!
It's easy to set up a schedule because the combo plan which can enjoy various activities together with the banana boat is also substantial and the secretary is safe as well.

Besides this, there are lots of fun outdoor leisure activities such as snorkeling, diving, SUP, sea kayak, trekking, wakeboarding, surfing etc in Okinawa!

Graduation trip · Student travel Activities I would like to do in Hokkaido BEST 5!

1st floating ice walk

Speaking of winter weather in the Okhotsk Sea in winter Hokkaido is drift ice!
The coastal area of ​​the Sea of ​​Okhotsk in Hokkaido is a valuable place where drift ice can be seen at quite a low latitude in the world, and it can be seen from the middle of January to around March.
It is an ice floe walking activity that walks on such drift ice and wears a dry suit and crawls under the drift ice.

There is also an ice on walk walking on the frozen lake without having to go to the coast of the Sea of ​​Okhotsk.
How about keeping valuable winter experiences unique to Hokkaido in school days?

2nd dog sledding

A must-see for dogs! Run through the earth of Hokkaido! A dog sled experience where the dogs catch a sleigh!
Dog sled who runs along with the dogs in the snowy field of Hokkaido. Before departing, I will communicate with dogs and get along with each other, so it will surely be a dying experience if I like dogs.
Such a wonderful experience that you can actually operate dog sledding is unique in Hokkaido!

3rd place snow kite

What about CM? There are many people who wanted to do it without thinking. Snowboarding · Snow kite flying in the air!
With snowboarding and skiing, sliding and snowing in the snowy field with wind power by operating the kite (kite). It is the snow kite that you can experience such unprecedented experiences.

It's a bit of an activity for those with snowboarding experience, skiing experience, or paragliding experience.
You can boast to your friends if you can!

4th hot air balloon

Large scale scale activity, hot air balloon which looks at magnificent earth of Hokkaido from the sky.

An exciting experience seen from the sky without a wall across the world of white-silver.
I want to ride at once, a yearning balloon flight. The view from the clear sky will certainly be an unforgettable memory.

5th place snowshoe

If you fully enjoy powder snow in Hokkaido in winter, it is a big classic snowshoe!
It is a snowshoeing tour where you can wander through the snow and watch the great nature of Hokkaido by wearing a Western snake called snowshoe.
You may meet Ezo deer and Ezo owl! Trekking in the snow and playing in the snow can not be done usually Because you can enjoy it all together Perfect for student travel!

Moreover, since there are many places that can be done in Hokkaido as a whole, I can find it near the place of stay!

Besides this, there are lots of fun outdoor leisure activities, such as snowmobiling, wakashi fishing, canoeing, backcountry, paragliding, horse trekking etc in Hokkaido!